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  1. I made a new VM, tried the same settings & on that VM it just works. Even with the VPN. I do not know why, and I'll keep on trying to get it to work on the main docker host, but since I got it running, I consider my problem solved. Thanks for your time Binhex
  2. Yeah, I've read that and all my VLANS that need to talk to each other are connected as they should. My desktop is on the .20 VLAN that have full access to the host (.30) VLAN. The weird thing is that no matter how I config the LAN_NETWORK, it always jumps to 10.X instead of 10.1.X. I've tried to set it to,, even as per your example, just to see if it works. And all VLANS are configured to be /24. If I turn off the VPN, the container works flawlessly on the server IP ( The OS (Ubuntu Server) is running virtualized on an XCP-ng host. Maybe that causes some issues?
  3. Yo, I am unable to access the webui when I have Privoxy running. With 'VPN_ENABLED' - 'no' I have no problems accessing the webui. I'm running the docker on another server in the same network as me, using Portainer. The Openvpn cert. & .ovpn-file works with other containers. docker run -d \ --cap-add=NET_ADMIN \ -p 9080:9080 \ -p 9443:9443 \ -p 8118:8118 \ --name=rtorrentvpn \ -v /media/freenas/Mataren/DOWNLOADS/:/data \ -v /home/docker/rutorrent/config:/config \ -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \ -e VPN_ENABLED=yes \ -e VPN_USER=xxxxxxx \ -e VPN_PASS=xxxxxxx \ -e VPN_PROV=pia \ -e STRICT_PORT_FORWARD=yes \ -e ENABLE_PRIVOXY=yes \ -e ENABLE_AUTODL_IRSSI=yes \ -e ENABLE_RPC2=yes \ -e ENABLE_RPC2_AUTH=yes \ -e ENABLE_WEBUI_AUTH=yes \ -e RPC2_USER=xxx \ -e RPC2_PASS=xxxxx \ -e WEBUI_USER=admin \ -e WEBUI_PASS=xxxx \ -e LAN_NETWORK= \ -e NAME_SERVERS=,,,,,,, \ -e DEBUG=false \ -e PHP_TZ=UTC \ -e UMASK=000 \ -e PUID=0 \ -e PGID=0 \ binhex/arch-rtorrentvpn Under LAN_NETWORK I've tried subnetworks 0, 1, 30 (Server is at to no avail. What am i missing here? [debug] VPN IP is [debug] rTorrent IP is