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  1. Perhaps. but it looks like neither @chbmb nor @linuxserver.io have been active since the blowup according to their last visited date on their profiles. I know they are still updating the containers (i had a few updates today). No judgement either way from me...just interesting all around.
  2. Wow, didn't know all that. Definitely concerning to me. I'm rebuilding my system next week and will have to take this into consideration as i'm also looking at proxmox/truenas combo.
  3. I am using a trial of Unraid on an older server and it is constantly rebooting (seemingly random). Diagnostics attached, any insight would be appreciated. This computer previously ran windows and I never had issues with it, so it might be something linux specific, i don't know. apollo-diagnostics-20210215-1753.zip
  4. How do you use docker compose with this? I have the beta installed like you instructed in this post.
  5. ok thanks, i'll need to rethink my strategy here
  6. I just want to use this as a non parity secondary storage with combined total of 18TB. Can i only do btrfs in this pool? I think I tried to change and only had the btrfs option when i clicked on each individual drive. I would prefer to just have xfs
  7. just can't get this working, I get up to the part of the install which completes successfully but then I never see my "bigsur" hard drive. I've tried changing start up disk, rebooting, restarting docker, my only selections are macOS base system, MacOS installer, Recovery, UEFI Shell, Shutdown and Reset NVRAM. Tried removing docker, deleting directories and reinstalling and same issue. EDIT, Catalina seems to work but can't get Big Sur to work
  8. √ 1_macinabox_helper/ Plex\ tmp/ delete.ds_store/ nextcloud\ sql/ rsync\ to\ Proxmox/ 1_macinabox_vmready_notify/ yeah, I went there and it is indeed present, but not showing on the unraid plugin I just ran the script from CLI and it works....just not showing up for me in scripts page. not sure why, but running this from terminal worked for me
  9. yes sir, already had it installed as I use for other scripts
  10. after installing the docker it did not install the user scripts
  11. What are folks using their VNC macOS for? Just curious as I want to build this but can't really think of any use cases.
  12. Did you ever figure this out, i am in the same situation