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  1. There is docker called Mayan EDS and it uses a database and I think you could use Nextcloud. Here is a link . Im not very good with dockers so if works well then I may use it too.
  2. Its like a swiss army knife that has all the features someone needs to create a home server that can exceeds your needs. Learning how to do that is where the fun starts and knowleges begins I have 64 gigs of ram on my server a very small percentage of ram used for caching files or moving non critical files in memory or some kind of ramdisk. Asus has a special ramdisk that is allocated to ssd's and folders to speed up file transfers and to keep files resident in memory. It would be cool if the ramdisk could be resident on reboots (create a file on disk).
  3. Testing unRAID for 16 days, but on day 12 I added two SSD USB 3.0 parity drives and everything was running fine. On day 14 I added trim and mover to run on Sunday at different times. After the party check ran one of the SSD drives disappeared and now on day 15 the second SSD disappeared. Day 16 plugged the WD to my W10 machine and it mounted, it is now connected to the unRAID machine. The EVO Samsung drive does not mount in windows or unRaid I will wait for a day to see if it works, this is what happened to the WD. Now on day 18 the Samsung Evo 500 GB does not work.The only thing that