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  1. Well I just forgo this entire thing. Removed the MyServers plugin entirely and just did the forwarding via cloudfare proxy, SSL and HSTS and using Nginx Proxy. Downside with this setup though is that it relies on the nginxproxymanager container which relies on Docker. But my machine is set up to automatically mount the array and start nginxproxy container anyway. Would have been nice to lower level config like just relying on Unraid being running (not docker or any containers) but I didn't want to have to hack around with SSL from cloudfare for that. I really don't like this "myservers" plugin. It isn't secure, is still in beta and even the backups are not encrypted.
  2. Hmm interestingly: seems to work fine... Why then is the settings page showing the URL in the top post, which includes the local IP with hyphens and uses "myunraid" instead of just "unraid"?
  3. I recently enabled the myservers function at: In my router I mapped: External 35894 to internal I've been waiting a few hours now but the Settings page is just sitting on How long does this take? Perhaps a NOTE: could be added here if it takes some days or something to complete. As I would have expected this to come up relatively quickly.
  4. I am using the DNS-DoT-DoH docker container. I am curious to know. What DNS am I using? These are my settings for the PiHole (I left the custom DNS IPs alone in the container config but I did enbale DNSSEC): Here are my router settings (the router is using PiHole IP address, and if that fails it uses AdGuard DNS): Here are my DNS leak test results (I am not in Germany, not even close to it): Going by this, I can assume that DNSSEC is working fine? But what is my actual DNS, that is. What server am I using? Router points to PiHole, but what is the PiHole pointing to? Also, how do I know that DoT/DoH is working?
  5. Why am I getting this in standard notes when I try to register an account? Puma starting in single mode... * Puma version: 5.6.2 (ruby 2.7.4-p191) ("Birdie's Version") * Min threads: 5 * Max threads: 5 * Environment: development * PID: 8 * Listening on Use Ctrl-C to stop {"level":"INFO","time":"2022-06-14T14:19:38.325+03:00","message":"Cannot render console from! Allowed networks:, ::1,","ddsource":["ruby"]} {"level":"INFO","time":"2022-06-14T14:19:38.364+03:00","message":"{\"method\":\"GET\",\"path\":\"/\",\"format\":\"html\",\"controller\":\"ApplicationController\",\"action\":\"app\",\"status\":200,\"duration\":34.26,\"view\":31.62}","ddsource":["ruby"]} I have it running at It's using an HTTPS cert from cloudfare. I'm using NGinx Proxy Manager. Set up with websockets support also. It's forwarding > Whenever I try and register an account I get the above error though. I'm using the following .env file: RAILS_ENV=development PORT=3001 WEB_CONCURRENCY=0 RAILS_LOG_TO_STDOUT=true # Log Level options: "INFO" | "DEBUG" | "INFO" | "WARN" | "ERROR" | "FATAL" RAILS_LOG_LEVEL=INFO RAILS_SERVE_STATIC_FILES=true SECRET_KEY_BASE=[redacted] APP_HOST=https://[redacted] PURCHASE_URL= PLANS_URL= DASHBOARD_URL= DEFAULT_SYNC_SERVER=https:/[redacted] WEBSOCKET_URL=wss:// ENABLE_UNFINISHED_FEATURES=false # NewRelic (Optional) NEW_RELIC_ENABLED=false NEW_RELIC_THREAD_PROFILER_ENABLED=false NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY= NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME=Web NEW_RELIC_BROWSER_MONITORING_AUTO_INSTRUMENT=false DEV_ACCOUNT_EMAIL= DEV_ACCOUNT_PASSWORD= DEV_ACCOUNT_SERVER= What else am I missing?
  6. Since upgrading to 6.10.2-rc3 (also happens on 6.10.3-rc1) Whenever I try to install "some" docker containers I am not getting an actual working verbose output like I used to. One where I could see the images downloading and such. Instead the page will just infinitely load when I press "install" and I'll have a blank page with an infinite loading animation, and a url, eg: In my browser bar. Some docker images from the apps tab do work though without errors. I have tried restarting my machine and the docker service too. I have no idea why this started happening. Any ideas?
  7. Alright fair enough, looks like I need more RAM on my machine then.
  8. These containers seem to take a LOT of RAM. Check my image here. I've got 3 of them going, and it looks to be about 1.5GB used per container. None of my other containers take this much RAM. Is it something to do with verbose log writing or something? Any way to reduce it? It's not hitting the CPU basically at all, but I've not got much more RAM to play with
  9. The new font that just changed in rc8 is basically totally unreadable on my Mac. Even if I increase the font size drastically. Letters are basically all squished together, so the "oc" in docker just looks like dccker. Please see the attachment. I don't understand what was wrong with the previous font...
  10. That's my line. Done and done. It's amazing how quickly you released this given that they only had this option available like 2 days ago. Thank you so much again. <3
  11. I just opened the apps panel today and saw the Core Keeper dedicated server container. Dude I love you so much. I've been struggling for the last 3 days at trying to get one running in a container myself. This is exactly what I need. You are an absolute legend @ich777. Where is your donation link dude?
  12. Your Matrix server name is wrong. Check the docker container. I changed it in the homeserver.yaml but forgot to change it in the docker container (it changed back on reboot). Basically you're missing something from the config. Did you use the one I provided in the .zip? Make sure you change the name of your matrix server in the file and also in the container. Then reboot the container. If that doesn't work. Kill the container and start again with the configs I provided.
  13. With the cloudfare-ddns container, is it possible to add another totally different domain? like: How do I do this in the container settings?
  14. For anyone who needs it. Here's how I fixed the matrix/element containers for the 4th time... it really needs some tweaking. At least the container here should generate the config itself, so I don't have to port it from the official container image. There is something wrong with how this container tries to generate the config. Basically it expects a config first or doesn't have the permissions to make one.
  15. After trying to get this terror of a service up and running again (after having spent hours some months ago and losing my docker backup), I managed to do it again. I've done all the hard work of downloading the OFFICIAL docker container of this and then generating the updated config files. You need the following, minimum to proceed. Follow the instructions in the readme.txt Make sure to make the /appdata/matrix folder yourself via samba and copy the files over, or at least ensure that the permissions are correct. The container doesn't really have proper permissions set so it often cannot access files. Especially if you made them eg. via terminal as root. Now remember to add the registration_shared_secret variable to your homeserver.yaml like so, it's around line 1300: registration_shared_secret: "s0mekind0fmassive:::9generatedSTRINGhere!!" Now you can install the matrix container from the Apps tab in Unraid. After which you can register an admin user so you can actually make changes. Then you can remove the shared registration token. $ register_new_matrix_user -c /data/homeserver.yaml New user localpart [matrix]: <youradminusername> Password: Confirm password: Make admin [no]: yes Sending registration request... Success! $ Now you can register accounts and such using the OTHER app element-web. God that was a pain... now it's 6:45am and I am going to sleep.