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  1. Hey there, hopefully someone can help me out. I've installed Windows 10 as a VM and the installation seemed to go fine. I go to the point where you have to go the the device manager and update the required drivers. After updating the Network adaptor driver, it appears fine in device manager, and my network adaptor shows up in the tray, but I don't have a network connection. I ran a VM a couple of years ago and didn't run into any issues, but I tried twice tonight and i got the same problem. Any help you can give is appreciated.
  2. That seemed to do it. I guess the lesson is when in doubt, do it the old fashioned way. Thanks itimpi
  3. I haven't done that, didn't think i had to since V6, but I'll give it a shot and let you know.
  4. Hey everyone, I decided to upgrade my one of my Unraid machines to Plus today as I need to add a 7th drive. Everything seemed to go fine and I got the confirmation email with the GUID (same as my existing one), but it's been a few hours and it's still at basic. I've even tried pasting the GUID again and it just gives me an error. Any ideas, or am I just being a little impatient :)
  5. I just built a second UNRAID server (TOWERB) to backup my first one (TOWER). I set up a Windows 10 VM on TOWER to use backup software and sync the shares. I can access TOWER fine from my VM on the Network tab in Windows explorer, but when i click on TOWERB I get error "Windows cannot access \\TOWERB." I can map the drive if i use the IP address rather than the server name. I can access it on my other Windows machines and on Mac just fine. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Hey there, About to dive into some visualization in hopes of using my Unraid box to virtualize windows 10 to use Kodi and a few other small programs. My Motherboard is an Asus Rampage III GENE and supports IOMMU. When i go into my motherboard settings and enable it, my parity drive and Disk 1 fail to be recognized. When i turn it off they come back. Any ideas. I'm pretty new to all this stuff so I'll try my best to provide as much info as I can.