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  1. I was hoping someone could walk me through rolling back to a previous release. I recently update my docker, and now autoremoveplus no longer works. From reading the last few pages, it's clear I need to roll back to a previous version in order to get this to work again. The trouble is, I have no idea how to do that. A detailed guid would be greatly apreaciated!
  2. Kinda dig the look of those. But the price is a bit high. Feel like I could build something with better specs for cheaper.
  3. So I am looking at building a second server for my mothers house. It will be used by her as a primary, only to store photos, videos, and important documents. Basically just backing up her home computer. I will also be using it as an off-site backup of my server, but again only the most important files like photos and documents. I need this thing to have a small footprint, be quiet, and use as little power as possible while still giving us good performance. I am planning on using duplicati for the backups. So at this stage I am looking for suggestions for hardware, case, mobo, cpu, basically everything I will need that will fit within the parameters I am looking for. I am planning on re-purposing the HDD I am taking out of my server right now as I am upgrading from 6tb drives to 12tb drives. So the current plan is to have the backup have 3x 6tb drives (1 parity, 2 data), and 1 small ssd. I know that amount is probably overkill, but it is what I have at hand. Also, the grand plan is to build several of these machines and have them be an entire backup web. My entire family wants me to do this for them, so in total I would be looking at my main server (already built) and in the long run 4 of these smaller servers (each with backups of each other). If at all possible, I would like to use a case with 2x 5.25 external slots so I can do a 2-to-3 hot swap cage on each of these for ease of maintenance. So the internals only have to support the psu, mobo, and 1 ssd.
  4. To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know there was a chrome app store until you said that. I just looked it up, but I am not sure which one of those would allow this function. Just to clarify, I can already see thumbnails on anything stored locally on the chromebook and things in my google drive or google photos. It is just the SMB share on my unraid server.
  5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I was hoping someone could chime in on this. I got it working and can see my shares on my Chromebook. The problem is that when I look at the photos folder, I can see only the generic jpeg image. Is there a way to have it load thumbnails for the pictures?
  6. I am trying to delete some of the files that were automatically uploaded from my phone to my server via plex camra upload. It allows me to "move to trash" jpegs, but when I try to do the same to mp4s it says trash has reached its maximum size. Clean up trash manually. I am sure it is something stupid I am just overlooking, but I can not find the trash to empty it. Any info on how to do this would be great. Also, is there a way to set it up to just delete things instead of putting them in trash?
  7. This is kind of what I am looking for, but finding one seems to be an issue. I am even ok with the cube design, but can't seem to locate one with sufficient external 5.25 bays.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. But the hot swap capability is one aspect that I want the most,
  9. Currently running a define R5. It houses 2 SSD, and 11 HDD (dual parity, 9 data). I am in the process of upgrading the drives to larger capacity, but thought I might as well upgrade the case for more storage options down the road as well. I would really like to change out to hot swap bays instead, and would like to have more than I currently have available. I think it would be nice to have the 2 parity drives internal so I don't mess them up, but all data drives hot swap if that is possible. I saw in previous posts from a few years ago that people were suggesting and antec 900 case with 3 of the supermicro CSE-M35T-1B 5-in-3 cages. Is this still the recommendation? Ideally, I would like to have room for 4 of the cages, but I could probably make due with 3. It seems that both this case and the cages are old hardware as I can't even find the cage on ebay. I have found it on newegg and amazon, but it looks like its 3rd party sellers. So I am guessing supermicro has discontinued this in favor of a newer model? So the breakdown of what I am looking for is as follows: Space to fit at least (3) 5-in-3 hot swap cages, but preferably (4) Internal space to also fit 2 HDD for dual parity Internal space for 2 SSD for cache Something as quiet as possible Something with filters if possible Any other features you can think of that I may need. This is only my second build.... Thanks guys.
  10. Need some quick help. I originally set up openvpn with spaceinvaderones youtube video about a year ago. I have now purchased a new router. I upgraded from the asus rt-ac68p to the rt-ac86u. I copied over all of the previous settings in the router, but can not connect via openvpn. On the general settings tab in the router settings there is an exclamation mark next to the DDNS connection status, so I think the problem is with that. The settings in the new router are identical. Do I need to do something on the openvpn docker side? I'm sure it's something stupid that I am just missing...
  11. @dmacias Is it possible to add the ability to separate the graph into 2, one for upload and one for download speed? Spectrum gig internet is 940 down, 35 up. Since it extremely asymmetric, it makes seeing changes in upload speed very hard since a change from 35 to 10 is tiny when the scale goes up to 1,000.
  12. That's just it. I have a single Asus router, and get extremely good coverage throughout my entire house. I like the idea of having APs all over and out of the way, but it seems like I would be adding them just for the sake of adding something since I already have very good coverage with my current router. I realize that this is an unconventional way of setting it up, but the idea of purchasing even more gear, and the headache of install for really no gain seems silly. Unless I am missing the bigger picture here?
  13. Ok, assuming that I don't really care about how much electricity I use and my number 1 goal is longevity of my drives, is it better to set the drives to never spin down vs. spin down delay of say 1 hour. The servers primary purpose is plex, and deluge. It runs 24/7. They have been running nonstop basically since I set it up, and my HDD temps have always been great. I did recently just add a 3 in 2 in the 5.25 bays on the top which have been giving me a bit of trouble with temps. But even those never exceed 38 C. All others hold at 30 all the time. I have done multiple searches on this, and it seems like people are split 50/50 on this. Again, assuming I am not concerned with conserving electricity or saving the planet.... what is best for the drives themselves.
  14. Ok, so I am in the process of setting up wired cat6 ethernet cable though my house right now. Currently in the planning and purchasing stages, and I like to attempt to think through every little possible scenario before I do anything to try and curtail any additional headaches. I have several hubs/bridges currently plugged into my wifi routers gigabit ports (Philips hue hub, lutron caseta bridge, HD homerun) and have stated to wonder if these need to be plugged directly into the router after I add my switch, or if they can be added to the switch. The issue is, I am setting up all the connections in the basement. So the plan is to have the cable come in to the main floor where it meets up with the modem and wifi router, then runs to the basement to feed the switch and from there throughout the house. This will allow me to maintain strong wifi through the whole house. But I would like to migrate all of the extra things I can to the basement, out of the way. And if these hubs can be used down there (though the switch and not the router/wifi), that would eliminate 3 things I need to have upstairs. Sorry, wasn't sure if this should go here or in the off topic, or somewhere else. But this is the closest thing I have to anyone remotely close to me who doesn't have to be asked: "is it plugged in?" Thanks
  15. I have the same thing going on with my server right now. I upgraded from plus to pro about a week ago. I assume that means I just have to delete the Plus.key. But I was wondering if there is any benefit to migrating it to another USB for use in another server, or if it blacklisted now? Not sure if there would be a "reactivation fee", or if it is completely dead.
  16. Original Krusader is no longer being updated, and hasn't for some time. Do you have the newest version by Binhex? Also, this is a very old post. If you have further issues, you would probably get more/better help in the docker thread.
  17. Looks like you're running a little hot too. If you weren't pushing it that hard and your hitting 51 C already, I might be concerned with that. Could be wrong, but it seems a bit high to me.
  18. So, if I set the media share (which contains Tv and Movies folders) to use cache: yes it will keep everything on the cache. Then when mover runs it will shift it from the SSD cache to the HDD array drives with the same folder name? Worried that I will fill up the cache with media quickly if not. Also, with that setting, it seems like things would still be available immediately, just read from the cache instead?
  19. What do I need to change to make things stay on the cache until mover runs instead? I don't care if the media is not available until the next day, I would prefer efficiency for the server and downloads.
  20. The media share is set up as "cache: no". Sonarr/radarr monitor the container path data set to the download share. The media container path is set to the media share which is on the array. I thought that it was seeing the downloaded file, moving it and renaming it, and that was how the process worked. Something moves it immediately. Plex only looks at the media share, which is only on the array. And 5 seconds after deluge finishes downloading a file, it is available on plex. So it is not waiting for the unraid mover to do its thing.
  21. Just wondering if I am doing this wrong? I get the concept behind having a cache drive so that you can load files to the server faster. And I can see the convenience of allowing mover to put those files on the array while your asleep. But, if you use unraid primarily as a media server, and all of your downloads are handled by sonarr/radarr with deluge, it kind of seems like it never gets to do it's job. What I mean is, files are downloaded to the cache in an "incomplete" folder. When they are completed, deluge moves them to a "complete" folder. At that time it's my understanding that sonarr/radarr move it over to the array immediately so it is available for plex to use as soon as its available. This, to me, seems to cut out the entire function of mover. Unless I am just not reading how this is working correctly. Seems like everything should sit on the cache until mover runs.... But I guess I could be wrong on this.
  22. Thanks, it looks like it is running. And only takes seconds. The results seem weird to me, but whatever. As long as it's running that's fine. Jan 29 06:41:17 Tower root: /var/lib/docker: 13.2 GiB (14140407808 bytes) trimmed Jan 29 06:41:17 Tower root: /mnt/cache: 851.1 GiB (913858412544 bytes) trimmed
  23. Is there a search feature built in or am I just scrolling though looking for it? Also, when I pull up that page it cuts off after a certain point. Do you know how long the trim should take? I'm guessing just a few minutes right?
  24. None of those will work, because they will not allow for mounting to the floor of the case with the HDD pointed up. And the few that have space for a fan, do not also have standard mounting points on the outside of the fan placement.
  25. I set up trim scheduler for the first time today. I was wondering where to find the results from it running? I use the Webgui almost exclusively. I wanted to see what it did, and how long it took so I can schedule it at an ideal time. Also, I would have thought that there was a notification associated with it, but I got nothing. Basically, I want to make sure it actually ran. Thanks