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  1. Does anyone know how to ssh into the docker container? I have a problem with timestamps being five hours ahead of my time. Unraid has the time set correctly and so does Rocket.Chat. I may have found a solution on Rocket.Chat forums that requires SSHing into the docker container to set the region using this command: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata.
  2. Thank you, ScytheNoire, for posting this solution. I had the same problem after updating to Version 2004.
  3. I fixed my problem by hitting the save button after changing my settings. I wasn't doing that before and so the info was not getting saved. I don't have 2FA enabled on this account. My SMTP settings: Host - smtp.gmail.com Enable SSL and Use explicit TLS are enabled Port 465 From Address - yourgmail@gmail.ltd From Name - Bitwarden_RS Username - yourgmail@gmail.ltd Password - yourgmail@gmail.ltd password
  4. I have fixed my problem with SMTP. Don't forget to save your settings before trying to send a test email.
  5. Can anyone help me get smtp to work with gmail? I've created an App Password for my gmail account and entered in the generated password into BitwardenRS SMTP Email Settings page. When i try to send an email i get this error: Error sending SMTP test email LetreErr. I don't know what else I can try to resolve this issue. My BitwardenRS container is behind a reverse proxy if that helps.
  6. Yes. That's the video I followed. I watched the video again and saw that I was inputting the port number for nextcloud container instead of mariaDB. Problem solved.
  7. I'm trying to setup mariaDB and nextcloud for the first time. Setting up mariaDB went smoothly but I keep getting 504 errors when trying to connect to mariaDB in nextcloud WebUI on initial setup.
  8. Can anyone help with nginx through Let's Encrypt? location /lazylibrarian { include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; proxy_pass http://localhost:5299/lazylibrarian; } Do i have to set a base URL?
  9. How can I disable auto manage in rtorrent.rc if I want to use Autotools? -Thank you
  10. What should be in the "incoming ports" option in Deluge? Should it be the forwarded port from my VPN provider? I didn't change any port in the container, everything is default. Does any container port need to be port forwarded in my router?
  11. Thank you for the reply, binhex. I actually tried changing the host port for Sabnzbd to 8119 and both dockers started instantly and without issue. For Delugevpn, do I have to change the port number to my VPN's forwarded port through the docker settings or just change both out going and incoming ports inside delugevpn? I changed the ports inside delugevpn via preferences. everything seems to be working correctly.
  12. I was running the current version of unRAID at the time of post.
  13. I have a few questions regarding Delugevpn. For my VPN provider, I have to send an email for them to enable port forwarding. I have a port forwarding range of 49,000 - 49,999 udp or tcp. I left the ports to default for the container, so I would need to replace the incoming port which is 58946, with one from my VPN’s approved range, correct? Do I need to forward the daemon port? Also, can I use both DelugeVPN and SabnzbdVPN at the same time? When I try to start Delugevpn, I always get a server error, but when I stop sabnzbdvpn, the webui for Delugevpn starts without issues. Can sabnzbdvpn use
  14. I just ran FCP and received this error " Default docker appdata location is not a cache-only share". I don't have a cache drive installed. Should I just ignore it?
  15. I tried doing what you suggested, but when I tried to start WebUI for Deluge VPN, I get a server error. Does that mean both can’t use the same VPN server? I found a proxy setting in Deluge. Can I use the “HTTP with Auth” from the drop down? I can enter my host IP with port 8118.