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  1. Thanks for help and explanation. Really appreciate it. I will get the 2 REDs replaced. Is there any best practice for doing this? Should i replace the parity first and rebuild and then change the 2nd disk, or should I do it the opposite way? Another question, the 4TB RED have warranty till 2019. Is this something that WD will replace or not? Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks again for all help and feedback!
  2. Hi My Unraid has been running flawless for over a year. Yesterday I ran i parity-check and I got warnings for read-errors on 2 drives. The array it still up so I assume the bad sector was rewritten. Today i got another warning of read-errors. Its not a lot (today 4 on one drive, 22 on the other), but I still need help figure out what to do next. Is this signs of 2 failing disks or is it something else? Should i swap out the faulty disks now before it is to late? Would really appreciate some help explaining the errors to me. Diagnostics attached... nas-diagnostics-20180917-1911.zip