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  1. I have to update my findings. These error messages have nothing to do with my PCIe speed. As soon a I have array activity they get generated. This happens when copying a file to a share and as well during parity sync. To be honest this worries me quite a bit. Most probably I will open another topic for this issue. EDIT: maybe they do: https://pci-ids.ucw.cz/read/PC/1022/1453 Now I am really confused... I had one more Unraid crash today. Unfortunately this happened like 15min after booting and I did forget to activate syslogging to the USB drive therefore I have no logs
  2. Auto, Gen1/2/3. I have set all the PCIe slots and internals to Gen2 in order to get rid of the PCIe Bus errors I mentioned above. This did not change GPU passthrough behaviour though. Of course I still have to track down where the PCIe Bus errors are coming from.
  3. Here are my current Bios PCIe settings (sorry for the bad pics of my cell-phone). I also started to learn how to debug in this environment and already learnt quite a bit. GPU passthrough does still not work, but I think I get a better understanding of what's going on. For example syslog was full of these messages: After downgrading my PCIe form 3.0 to 2.0 they disappeared. I'm not sure yet what's going on but I suspect that either my mainboard has a hardware or bios bug (I have the newest one installed) or my Vega64 has a problem. Or maybe my motherboard applie
  4. I did replace the the config, rebooted, tried without vBIOS, rebooted tried with vBIOS. Unfortunately there is no change, the screen flickers then stays black.
  5. Handl3vogn mentioned vBIOS. I also edited my last post and added some more info regarding vBIOS. Please check it out. Attached my syslinux.cfg (the one from the syslinux folder). For sysdev I assume you mean the output of the system devices tool right? I dumped that into a text file. I also added my VMs config XML. syslinux.cfg sysdev.txt win10vm_vbios.xml
  6. I am booting up Unraid in legacy mode now. I also dumped my vBIOS using GPU-Z (booted Win10 from an additional SSD) and also tried a vBIOS from TechPowerUP. Now at least my screen flickers when I start the VM. However the screen stays black afterwards. I'm not sure how to verify if the dumped vBIOS is working. According to the how-to video from Spaceinvader at least for nVidia cards it's necessary to edit the dumped file. I cannot find the start of the real rom-file he is mentioning in his video in my vBIOS. Any more hints and suggestions? EDIT: The screen f
  7. Thanks Handl3vogn. Your suggesting the same things as Siwat. I will definitively try this. I have to google how first.
  8. OK, thanks Siwat. I will try that as soon as parity-sync is done (it's currently at 90% ~2h to go). In the meantime I will google how to implement your suggestions. Thanks a lot. I will post the results.
  9. Yes it is. I cant, I do not have another GPU. There are multiple posts in this forum which state that this should work fine with AMD cards. The nVidia cards need a vBIOS hack but can do it too. Maybe I have to manually manipulate some config files in order to make this work, but I don't know where and what I have to add.
  10. I have everything up and running except for GPU passthrough. As long as I start my Win10 VM with VNC graphics everything works fine. I can passthrough my NVMe drive as well as onboard audio, mouse and keyboard. Terminating the VM will connect mouse and keyboard back to Unraid. With GPU passthrough enabled my screen just freezes. Whatever image was on there stays. In order to stop the VM I have to "force stop" it. Below are my IOMMU groups and the VM XML file. What else do you need me to provide in order to help me? Thank you very much!!! IOMMU group 0: [1022:1452] 00:01.0 Host brid
  11. Thanks Frank I was reading and searching the forums quite a bit already and watched a bunch of tutorial videos. My main concern is Vega, I can't find any posts about someone running Unraid with Vega and I also can't find anything about single AMD GPU pass-through. I checked the spreadsheet before posting today, no luck about Vega, neither positive nor negative. There is one row mentioning my motherboard but unfortunately the important cells are left empty. I know Vega pass-through is possible with KVM: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/threadripper-gpu-passthrough-working
  12. Hi I just bought hardware to replace my 8 years old machine. So far I used a RAID-Controller and was running RAID-5. Before investing into a new RAID-Controller I would like to try Unraid. My question therefore is, does the current stable version of Unraid support my new hardware. Hardware: ---------------- - Asus Corsair 6 Hero - Ryzen 7 - 32GB DDR4 - AMD Radeon Vega 64 - 2x 500GB SATA3 SSD for caching (mirrored) - 4x 8TB WD-red for array (parity) - 1x NVMe SSD for Win10 VM Use Cases: ------------------- - NAS - run dockers - run Win10 virtual machine with hardware pass-throu