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  1. Not quite sure what happened. Had an update for this docker roughly a week ago. Ever since the update, the docker resets. As in the webui has defaulted as if it was a first time setup even though the files where there. Only happens on server reboot. I changed paths to be at /mnt/users/appdata like the rest of the dockers use. Have yet to reboot to test due to kids yelling they want thier wifi :). What permissions or what should the permissions be for the directory? Thanks!
  2. ich777, been testing the fluttercoin docker on both standard linux machine and unraid. So far everything seems to be running fine. I guess the only thing that needs to be done is to have the /fluttercoin directory exposed in the docker as a share on unRaid? And to answer your PM, since I can only post one time in 24 hours, yes this coin is mineable, it is pow and pos. Currently trading on lcpexchange.