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Community Answers

  1. Thanks @travvy87 You can hover over a server card on the Connect Dashboard page, this will reveal a "Customize" button > click the "Customize" button to open a modal that gives you an option to refresh that header image from your server. Then moving forward it should be fine for you. FWIW we already have an internal task to improve the header images in Connect . It'll be sorted in due time.
  2. I believe this error is happening for people in the Unraid OS GUI mode Firefox. I'll be attempting to fix this error today. In the meantime, if you have a different client to access your Unraid webGUI with this should work.
  3. Thanks for you patience. Give this another go and let us know if you need any more assistance.
  4. Apologies for this issue. We just had another occurrence of this appear…on one of my test servers actually. We're going to troubleshoot this issue tomorrow…it's the end of our day and we're all quite exhausted due to the user system update today. Bear with us while we work on solving this. We will let you know when we have a solution.
  5. Sorry for the run around on getting the QR code scanned. Glad you're sorted though!
  6. Hi there, Please try one more time for us. If the error happens again we need to check the browser's development console in both the Unraid webgui & the pop-up window: - Right click on the page - Choose "Inspect" - In the panel that opens choose the "Console" tab - See any error messages? If so please right-click on one of them and save the logs to a file. - Upload the file(s) so we can use them debug Again, please don't forget to include any errors for both the Unraid webgui & the pop-up window. Feel free to send to support if you feel like the logs may have sensitive info. Cheers
  7. @kaiguy we just tested scanning with Bitwarden app and it worked for us. That said, we found some small issues with the MFA page. Potential fixes for that page are currently deploying and should be out in a few minutes. @Taddeusz hoping you'll be sorted with this deployment as well. Thanks for mentioning y'all.
  8. Hi there, Apologies for the issues you're experiencing. We migrated user systems today. Credentials have not changed and can be used to login and migrate to our new system. However we introduced a stronger password requirement for the new system – this is to protect our users and is what happened to you during your user migration. Try signing in at https://account.unraid.net. Be sure to use your email and not your username – as signing in with username is no longer supported. If you're having issues there please attempt to use the "Forgot Password" flow. Please let us know if you need more assistance.
  9. Cool addition with ctrl/cmd + k. Found a small bug with it. Hit ctrl/cmd + k again and again and again…
  10. "Local access" = same network as your server. What you're looking for is the "Remote access" feature that the My Servers Plugin offers. Here is documentation on this feature: https://wiki.unraid.net/My_Servers#Configuring_Remote_Access_.28optional.29
  11. No worries on the double post. Thank you for mentioning all of this. We believe we resolved the registration DNS issue. We're still working on other DNS related things at the moment.
  12. We're working on solving this. Apologies for the issue. Will post an update here.
  13. Accessing Docker containers and VMs remotely via My Servers is currently not supported. This is something we would like to support in the future but we currently do not have a timeline for release. This is possible using a Wireguard or VPN connection. You should be able to find tutorials on how to do this on our forums or even YouTube I haven't set this up before so I don't have a specific link for you.
  14. Apologies for the issues. We recently found a bug in the install process that you may have been affected by. If you can, remove the plugin and then re-install the My Servers plugin via Community Apps. If you need further assistance please let us know.
  15. Hi there, apologies for the issues. The current production version is 2022.09.28.1258 so it does look like you're behind a bit. Let's try this Fully remove the plugin on the Plugins page Then go to the Apps page Search for My Servers Then install it Check the Plugins page to see if you have version 2022.09.28.1258 Let us know if you need more help