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  1. Sorry for the frustration. There's a way to customize the colors to work with your theme. I too like a dark theme. Go to Settings > Display Settings > then find these fields and set their values Header custom text color: fff Header custom secondary text color: eee Header custom background color: 111 Feel free to find the right values that work for you.
  2. Investigated this a bit. When accessing the webgui via LAN IP or http://tower the copying of the LAN IP to your clipboard when clicking the server name does not work in Chrome or Firefox. So this has to do with the protocol being HTTP and not HTTPS and the browser blocking navigation.clipboard.writeText We might be able to fallback to a different method of copying to clipboard. Will be working on refactoring this later in the week. Thanks for the report @Geoff Bland. We added this feature since users can no longer select the IP from the header and copy it manually.
  3. A few users were able to fix this by opening an Unraid terminal and executing unraid-api restart then wait 30 seconds or so then refresh the webgui to see if all is well.
  4. @daqianyui 您是否尝试使用激活码或团体折扣码? 如果是团体折扣代码,请查看屏幕截图以了解代码的使用位置。 如果您尝试兑换已购买的激活码,请发送电子邮件至licensing@support.unraid.net 向我们的支持人员发送电子邮件。 发送电子邮件时请附上您的订单号。
  5. You’re correct. I’ll be working on the replace key option without requiring sign this week. Thanks for bringing to our attention.
  6. Looks like a bug with the latest rc5 release where we removed the Sign In option for base 6.10 users. We'll work on fixing this. In the meantime please contact licensing@support.unraid.net. Include a non-redacted screenshot of your Tools > Registration page. Copy and paste both old and new USB Flash GUIDs (this way we don't accidentally transpose when replacing your key)
  7. https://forums.unraid.net/my-servers/ there’s a link for it in the forum’s navigation as well 👍
  8. @ScreN is it a duplicate server tile that shouldn't be showing or simply an old license that you're not utilizing? If it's old license that you want to hide please hang tight as we'll have a feature to hide servers Soon™️ (can't provide time frame yet). But if it's a bug please contact support via myservers@support.unraid.net and provide the USB Flash GUID(s) in question, screenshot of your dashboard, and any other details you see as important so we can take a closer look.
  9. We've identified a potential cause for the issue and are working on a fix.
  10. We've identified a potential cause for the issue and are working on a fix.
  11. Apologies. Your post slipped through the cracks. Are you still having issues getting signed in to the webgui?
  12. @surferjsmc please disregard the above message. I just saw your support ticket and it included more verbose details about your situation. I was able to re-create your bug. I'm in the process of deploying a fix for the pop-up. Please give it about 10 min or so from the time of me posting this message then try again. The pop-up should fully load. That said, because you replaced your flash drive already this year it means your ineligible for another replacement. Please respond to the support email that we sent you with any additional info regarding the key replacement.
  13. @surferjsmc can you please share screenshots of the browser development console in both the webgui and the pop-up window after the pop-up window opens? This might help us figure out what's going on with this bug you're hitting. Right click on the page > choose "Inspect" > then select the "console" tab in the panel that opens.
  14. Hmmm…Remote access operates separately from the API. If you've configured things correctly on your side it should work. Is the local access URL https://<YOUR_HASH>.unraid.net?
  15. @UNRAID, Casa @dirtymike0330 please be patient while we sort out issues on our end. We hope to have fix next week.