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  1. Should I (we) squat/hold on installing 2.9.14? Or, proceed with caution?
  2. Hate to even suggest (let alone ask) but did you clear your browser's cache to see if that clears it up? Standard TTP for me after any upgrade. It wasn't mentioned so thought I'd throw it out there...
  3. I know this is a little over a year old, but curious if you found anything changes and/or improvements.
  4. What I remember seeing is that once you set up, you need to go back to that proxy host and edit, select the access list you want to use and save/ok. If for some reason you have to modify that access list, you need to go back to each proxy host that uses that access list and just edit the host and save/ok. If I can find the video that I found that solved this for me, I'll post it. Hope that helps.
  5. I've read folks using those video cards down to 8x, but nothing about 4x. If anything, the card will register but you won't be getting anything close to the potential of that card out of it. Just from card specs alone, you really need another 8x slot at minimum. If anything, everything will probably work. The Nvidia card will probably not give you the potential it has due to the limited lanes it's riding on. Motherboard selection was the first thing that I spent weeks looking at to ensure that if I wanted to expand capabilities in the future, I have bus speeds and lanes to support them. 10G NIC is a good example of it. I'm using a Asus M.2 Gen 2 NVME adapter that holds 4x NVME cards. It needs 4x4x4x4 PCIE slot, which my motherboard supports. Just some things. We can chat here or in PM's if you want. Hopefully my thoughts are helpful.
  6. I see the same thing with using Brave on Android 11. Update: So it looks like the GUI functions accordingly in Firefox Mobile (I'm currently using the Beta 82.0.0beta.6) Give Firefox a try and see if you see similar results.
  7. I see the same thing with using Brave on Android 11.
  8. Curious how your experience has been with that card.
  9. I honestly wish I had found this about 3 days ago when I moved 900GB worth of content to my P5 drive. Will be replacing it with a 970 Plus. Thank you for posting this.
  10. Owwww, very interesting. I didn't know Github was down during that time. It would make make since. That's for that data point! I can now stop looking at my log every 5-10 minutes, awaiting for the message to pop up again.
  11. Okay, looks like I was able to stop the nginx spamming. I stopped all my dockers and VMs to figure out if I'm having conflicts between one or multiple dockers. Couldn't find anything conclusive there. Checking my VM's, I couldn't find any culprits or configuration issues. Then I stopped the array to take a look at my network settings, smb, and docker settings. I turned off NETBIOS, FTP Server, and removed the loopback for IPv6 (which I don't use/employ within my home). Not able to find anything else, I just started the array back up and so far, I haven't seen one entry in the syslog since 8:40am this morning. Will keep an eye on things are report back tomorrow morning.
  12. Put me down as noticing this error. Stopping my Ngnix Proxy Manager docker stopped the spamming in my syslog. When you go and look at your processes running (my example 7565#7565) you will see it is associated with ngnix. I haven't touched anything on my sever for the past 37 days and this just started up probably within the last 48 hours (or more). Digging in....
  13. Which browser? Recently I was having issues with using Brave... had to go back to Firefox.
  14. Check and see if you have SSL enabled in Sonarr... if so, disable it and try again. Also, what browser are you using?
  15. Are you using the same subdomain you used last time? Meaning, Can you confirm in your router that your dyndns is updating? Lastly, something worth maybe trying is creating a different subdomain name and seeing if you have the same issue. I keep looking at this statement in or error message: The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain :: Fetching Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem) It's makes me thing that either your router isn't serving or dyndns or the dyndns isn't serving the subdomain name.
  16. I haven't spent a whole lot of time to understand what all Brave blocks and situations it severs when it comes to web browsing, but I'm now back to using two different browsers to get things done...'ole well. Better than have parity drive issues I guess... Glad you're up and running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Here is how I have my sonarr (for example) setup. BLUF, the scheme should be to point to your docker via http, then force the use of SSL cert using the "Force SSL" option. The only docker I had to point to it via https was Plex. Then I still used the force SSL option to my own subdomain name and SSL cert. Hope the picture helps.
  18. This is definitely browser related. Had the same issue with using Brave verses Firefox. Works perfectly fine in Firefox, but Brave does exactly what you stated. When you said you had to change ports to address deconfliction issues, which ports did you have to change?
  19. @tknx and @scud133b - Are you guys using the default docker installation config? No crazy change to the folder structure in the docker setup? My wife got a bit pee'od because I fully deleted my NPM docker and recreated it (Plex was down for about 35 minutes), just to see if I could recreate the scenario. I'm using NoIP as my dyndns and I just can't seem to mimic your situation. Have you tried reverting back to a version like v.1.7.0 to see if that cures the issue(s)? (repo = jlesage/nginx-proxy-manager:v1.7.0) BTW, just trying to help.... another set of eyes...
  20. Not sure... I just made this one about an hour ago ago. No issues. Something you can try is either make sure you're up to date on the docker image or roll back to v1.7.0 and see if that fixes the issue. I know, as I stated in my post above, there was an IPv6 situation that was causing some issues.
  21. Try creating the certificate first, then go and setup the proxy host. If you hover over the offline, what does the the little popup window say? I attached an example pic of the hover over popup. Are you running the latest docker update? I wonder if you are experiencing the IPv6 issue...
  22. So, I guess I should have explained my rollback perspective. I had gone into NPM to play around with a host I just can't get to work and was starting to have issues building a new host and creating certs for it. Things either went Offline, Unknown, or simply failed to complete. Thought it was because of something I did to my unraid server, (in my case) when in doubt, delete and start over. After doing so, I started seeing the error message and couldn't figure out how to fix it. So, I deleted the docker again, but this time, I set it to version v1.7.0 and rebuilt from there. I only have 8 hosts, 2 redirects, and one 404. All is good now and I think I'm good with sticking things out here at 1.7.0 UFN.