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  1. Having issues with Plex server being seen by Plex app. Quick backstory: my cache drive toasted which contained my docker and appdata. Since created /System/Docker share and put docker there, and added /appdata share. New cache drive, but nothing on it yet. Have tried installing several Plex apps, but not a single one works, meaning I get the "No soup for you" message. Compared installation with my son using unRaid, and everything is almost identical, but his works. I'm attaching logs from the docker/Plex, and from the plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Logs/Plex Media Server.log Can someone please help? I have a lifetime Plex pass, and my family uses Plex outside the home. I installed Emby and it worked right out of the box, but I do not want a monthly fee. go-file.txt plex-docker-log.txt Plex Media Server.log
  2. After several years of using Plex, my cache drive (SSD) died a couple days ago. I had all my docker info including the docker image on it. I have since created a new docker image in a /system/ share, and also created an appdata share. Unfortunately the only appdata backup I had was 2 years old. I decided to just start out new. The only thing I have installed is Plex, and I did that from a "Previously Installed" app by clicking the "reinstall" button. All the volume mappings are correct, and I updated the Plex claim code. When logging in to Plex, I was able to access my users, and when clicking on my user, there is no server. I'm unable to find anything in settings. Have checked all logs I could find. I then tried removing the docker app, and delete all appdata. Kept getting an issue about not being able to delete a hidden file beginning with .fuse_hidden000xx. I then ran the reinstall process. At this point when trying to log into Plex, I get "There was an error signing in." Any help? Thanks so much!
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but after searching around I just can't find a solution. My Plex no longer sees the server. The only thing I can think of that I did was an update. I am running the PlexMediaCenter docker app. When in advanced view, I can see cpu usage like it is running, but my apps report the server is unreachable. It seems like I had this issue before, and the only thing I remember working is deleting my docker, and reinstalling. Anyone know what might be happening? If anyone has a suggestion on a better place to post this, please let me know. Thank you very much!
  4. Delarius and gubbgnutten, much appreciation to you both. Yes I was trying to use my other user, not root. I had not created this user on command line, but in unRAID users. And, indeed, using verbose mode helped a lot, showing me that I was getting disconnected immediately. I was thinking that I had read somewhere that you could not SSH with root, apparently I was mistaken. I am now able to SSH using root! Again, thanks to all for your help.
  5. Okay I'll look into that. I didn't think it would be a client issue since I am able to SSH from my Ubuntu desktop to other computers without any problem.
  6. Ahh, got it. All I normally use is terminal and the command line.
  7. Rhynri, thank you for that thread, I'll explore that. Gubbgnutten, I don't even know what X11 forwarding is. All I did was "ssh user@towerIP" then input my password, just like I do for my Ubuntu servers, and my Raspberry Pi's.
  8. I've never really needed to SSH into my unraid box, however after having some duplicated folder issues, I attempted to SSH and could not. At first I found the keys were 0 bytes, so (following another forum post) I deleted the keys and restarted the box. Now when I tried to SSH, after "yes" to continue connecting, and inputting my password, I got "X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0." Per another search, I changed a couple of settings in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, particularly AddressFamily inet, however once saved, and system rebooted, it is changed back to #AddressFamily any. Any thoughts? unRAID OS 6.3.5
  9. So I am not exactly a noob, I've been using Unraid for many, many years. Am currently running binhex-libresonic and daapd dockers. I'm trying to get Plex up and running, and have not been able to figure out what the issue is. I've installed and reinstalled Plex (linuxserver/plex:latest) a couple times, tinkered with the paths, and done multiple searches, all to no avail...so here I am. When I open the WebUI, I get the config page, and am able to login, but in upper left, it states" "looking for servers..." with the spinning icon. I've tried using the troubleshooting page: "Why can't the Plex app find or connect to my Plex Media Server?" again, to no avail. Seriously, some of these Dockers just vex me! I've tried checking the system, using Fix Common Problems plugin. Now that some minor issues are fixed, I'm here for professional help...so, any help? Oh, one more thing. There was an update, which I performed, however the final part of the update showed a server error (see attached image). Edit: my /config path is /mnt/user/appdata/plex but if I browse the files and folders there, I see /appdata/plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server...not sure if that path is incorrect (?) Unraid OS 6.3.5
  10. follow up: HDD with Smart error replaced. Memtest ran for another 24 hours. Neither fixed the issue. Finally decided to replace MB/CPU. That did it!
  11. I've never used Memtest, but I tried it out today. Ran 2 passes (about 5 hours) with no errors. So, now I have a fresh flash drive with 6.0.1 clean install with replacement Plus key. Last night I started up the system, did a parity check overnight. This morning the system was locked up in the browser. There was a different dump message on the monitor (should have written it down but did not), but one different thing was when I hit the Enter key the screen rolled up one line, and the cursor was blank. Every hit of the enter key brought the same result, so something was not locked up. Today I turned on notifications and found a command timeout on my oldest drive, a 2Tb Seagate. I did a short smart test which passed. I also replaced the HDD cable because I found a reference to faulty cables causing command timeouts. I just fired the machine up, it ran for 30 minutes and got another kernel panic dump: ---[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task! Are there any other signs to look for or tests to run? Any ideas? CPU, M/B? I can't imagine it is software at this point. I will probably order a new drive to replace the 2Tb...all my others are 3Tb.
  12. Alrighty. I loaded up a new flash drive following the upgrade instructions. I copied the ident.cfg, network.cfg, and share.cfg files to the new config folder. Note regarding the instructions versus what I have - There is no share subfolder under config. All .cfg files were in /config. There is a shares subfolder which contained all my share names with .cfg so I copied that folder over also. I booted the machine, and in less than two minutes, I get the lockup dump ending with ---[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task! Aaaarrgh! Thoughts?
  13. Ran chkdsk on Win machine, no errors found in original flash drive. I did a fresh install on a separate flash and booted the machine, of course there is no configuration data, and it comes up as trial without my key. Can someone tell me the specific files that I could copy over from my original flash to a new flash? I appreciate everyone's help. I obviously am not a linux admin.
  14. trurl: can you tell me where you found these references? I ran another diagnostics report after deleting several items from my flash that were extraneous compared to a freshly downloaded setup.
  15. As far as plugins, I used to run AirVideo, but removed it since it was no longer supported in V6. I also ran a cron job that kept the folder structure alive for access without spinning up the drives. Currently on the "installed plugins" area I have Community Application V. 2015.08.23 - Dynamix webGui v. 2015.06.26 - and of course unRAID Server OS v. 6.0.1 Dockers and VM's: no, however I had added a docker container, but never got around to doing anything with it. I removed everything else and was able to delete an old plugin to get rid of an error. So it is pretty much clean EXCEPT my flash drive is the same that I have used since OS version 4(.7?) and has a LOT of old stuff just lying around. I am willing to pretty much start over, I am just unsure of what I need to do to build a fresh installation, but keep my paid version, plus all the drive configurations. I am attaching the requested diagnostics file. tower-diagnostics-20150827-0924.zip