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  1. I LOVE IT! This works with so much ease! Now onto the work of bringing in tons of recipes! Too bad they don't come preformatted in JSON
  2. I will have to try the above out. I am having troubles setting up mariadb now. I decided to blow it all out and start anew and now can't figure out what steps I did last time to set it up.
  3. Saw this and wanted to get a nice recipe holder so I don't have to have hundreds of links to sites. However, I am having huge setup issues. The biggest setup issue is that no tables are being created in my MariaDB docker (using the one that is advised, went into the docker and created the openeats user and created the openeats database). Attached are the settings I have so far. (I have ping connectivity between the containers). The next issue is that I cannot log in (but I am guessing that is related to the fact that there are no tables created and populated, so openeats can't cross check to ensure authorization)
  4. So I just ran into this issue, again. I have docker set up on 1 network, and the rest of the things in my house set up on another. And somehow, Unraid decided that using BR2 was best to get to the didn't work. In order to fix the issue I changed the metric for BR2 and associated Eth2 to be 5 and set BR0 and Eth1 to be 1. Now I can reach out to the internet again.
  5. No, I did not. I have been sidetracked the last month so I haven't been able to dig into it anymore.
  6. I also just tried setting up VLAN's on both my USG and in the Network Settings of UnRaid....still no luck. BR3 is getting the datas....but it just isn't making it into the VMs
  7. So, still having the issue. I installed tcpdump on unraid from nerdpack. TcpDump shows data flowing to br3 (the port that is hooked up to the mirrored port from the switch). I have also tried adding BR3 to other VM's, the only data that goes through to these other VM's is the same that goes to Security Onion. It seems that the VM Manager is dropping everything that isn't a broadcast/multicast.
  8. yep, I used tcpdump -i enp3s0 and it is just seeing broadcast traffic coming through, it should be flying right now since I have a couple video streams and music streams going.
  9. Hi, thanks for looking at this. The Sensor VM of Security Onion is dual homed, 1 NIC is set to promiscuous that is supposed to receive all traffic on, the other is how I can connect and the Master Onion can connect to it. So, it does have its own IP set for the interface that I need to talk to, while the other interface is set to Promisc so it doesn't get an IP. As for making sure the switch is mirrored. Yep, that was my first thought when I saw nothing was going through. I connected my laptop in place of the cable that comes from the switch to that physical interface and turned on wireshark and then watched the packets flow!
  10. Well, I found the password. Odd that it is this (below). Here is the run command.
  11. Hi, I had to go out for the week but am back. I do not have a Force Restart option anywhere. I tried looking at the Container on the Docker tab of Unraid as well as looking at the container in Portainer. I did look at the subfolders and all the folders that you wanted me to look at are, (for /mnt/cache/appdata/minecraft root:root), and for the sub folders they are (bobbo489:1000).
  12. Not sure where to get that. I am using this all from UnRaid. So it is just choose it from the list, download it, and then select start. /var/log/docker.log doesn't show anything in there for the command run. This is the command PS info for the correlating process that started when the mineos container restarted. docker-containerd-shim -namespace moby -workdir /var/lib/docker/containerd/daemon/io.containerd.runtime.v1.linux/moby/82a7ab3eb8643a40f8f2933559da556ed50bdfd8a2f021b4dbf5f9979d05fade -address /var/run/docker/containerd/docker-containerd.sock -containerd-binary /usr/bin/docker-containerd -runtime-root /var/run/docker/runtime-runc
  13. But now I cannot get a server to run and this log entry from /var/log/mineos.log is kind of vague. Any thoughts on fixing this? {"level":"info","message":"[testing] received request \"start\"","timestamp":"2019-04-30T02:46:35.985Z"} {"command":"start","uuid":"2bbb5d00-6af2-11e9-b791-ab42d78053ab","time_initiated":1556592395984,"success":false,"err":"!up","time_resolved":1556592396086,"level":"error","message":"[testing] command \"start\" errored out:","timestamp":"2019-04-30T02:46:36.087Z"}
  14. I am in. I forgot I could just go in through Portainer console and change the password in the shadow file with passwd.....sometimes I hate Linux and the logicalness of it.
  15. Nope, I have not changed anything. I just installed? the Docker Container started it and went to the webpage to log in. Tried both mc/password and mc/mypass. Neither works.