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  1. Okay so here's my problem, I have unRaid running on my machine, in the bios I have the iGPU set as primary video output, and yet the unraid console outputs to GPU2, so does the bios for some reason, any ideas? I've tried a bunch of settings but that didn't work so I'm here as last resort, it's odd for me because it's using GPU2 instead of GPU1. The main problem with this happening is that I can't use GPU2 to display a second VM, as in the console stays up when the VM is ran. Odd detail tho, when I do run the VM with GPU2, the screen gets split in 3 parts, top left, top right, and bottom. The console is duplicated on top left and top right, and the bottom is just artifacting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Specs: I3-8100 8GB DDR4 Z370 AORUS GAMING WIFI GT 1030 GT 1030
  2. UPDATE: So I've managed to get the VM to show up on the monitor, basically I disabled the VNC and it works now. Maybe the issue was that I was trying to run both things at the same time? Nonetheless it works, for now.. The GPU (1050TI) for the server is here tomorrow so I'll be back if any troubles arise until then. Thank you for your time
  3. Okay so I've made some progress, I put my RX 480 into the server, PCI power from my PC power supply, i mean it works right. I managed to split the video and the HDMI audio in other groups, and I deleted my old VM, and made a new one. I've found out that I can see the bios of the VM and stuff, it all shows fine until the prompt "press any key to boot from CD or DVD", after that prompt goes through, on the VNC the windows install starts, but on the monitor the image freezes and never continues. After i force stop the VM the frozen image stays there, the only way to unfreeze it is to set the Sound device in the vm to the GPU, and then it gives me the error for failed to set up group, and as the error happens, the image unfreezes and the display turns off. If I launch the VM again, it shows video on the monitor right until that point. Any suggestions for what to do next?
  4. I'll just upload the zip file, so going back to the INT x, yeah I was trying to use the onboard VGA port. Also talking about the bios, the current bios is 2013, the backup is 2011, I tried this already but it didnt fix anything, I switched between the 2 but it seems not to have any effect. I don't know how to get older bios or newer one in fact, because of the HPe warranty requirement, I bought this used so I'm not really sure how to get a bios file, google brings back nothing except HPe. unrem-diagnostics-20180624-0226.zip
  5. So I'm using the exact same config that you pasted here, it does show that override is on, but it doesn't split them. Problem when running VM's is, when trying to IGPU (INTx fd) i get an error, and another error with GPU(failed to set iommu). The groups for gpu still aren't split. Any suggestions?
  6. Could you elaborate? I'm quite new to this. Also it seems that the commands in my cfg don't take effect, passthrough only worked after I enabled it in the browser gui.ž default menu.c32 menu title Lime Technology, Inc. prompt 0 timeout 50 label unRAID OS menu default kernel /bzimage append pcie_acs_override=10de:0be3,10de:0a65 vfio_iommu_type1.allow_unsafe_interrupts=1 initrd=/bzroot label unRAID OS GUI Mode kernel /bzimage append pcie_acs_override=downstream initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui label unRAID OS Safe Mode (no plugins, no GUI) kernel /bzimage append pcie_acs_override=downstream initrd=/bzroot unraidsafemode label unRAID OS GUI Safe Mode (no plugins) kernel /bzimage append pcie_acs_override=downstream initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui unraidsafemode label Memtest86+ kernel /memtest
  7. Okay so after hours of trying, with the cfg and stuff, splitting the groups and that, it doesn't work, or rather the groups dont split. Thing is, before I reset the cfg so I can start over following the guide that you posted in your sig, the GPU and audio portions were already split, as I already did that, but I still never got any video output which was my main problem. I also rolled back to the backup bios (2011) and nothing changed basically, the main bios is from 2013. I wanted to update the bios and stuff, but I can't get through the warranty and support ticket stage as I bought this used and I don't think there's any warranty on it. Any other ideas? I basically tried everything from that guide, and most general threads in the forums.
  8. So I have this HP ProLiant G7, and I'm trying to run a virtual machine off it, both virtualisation options are enabled in the bios, and unraid confirms that. I had some issues even starting a virtual machine with the GPU assigned, with some passthrough and splitting the GPU from the HDMI audio of the GPU worked, as in it actually turns on now, but no video output at all, i can see the machine works fine with a VNC connection, but still no output, not on VGA not on HDMI. One thing to mention is that this server does not have native PCI-E, but uses these kind of risers of which physical bus is longer than PCI-E x16, right now I'm using a Riser to PCI-Ex4(2) and PCI-E x8(1), I'll mention that these 3 PCI-E ports are all on the same PCB. Thanks in advance syslog.txt vmlog.txt