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  1. I have resolved the problem by simply delete everything I have created and redo the whole process, done! Cheers
  2. Here are screen caps from MC. Rsyncd.conf S20-init.rsyncd GO Folder Path
  3. I followed the guide above. OP was followed your link though. Let me check my GO file first (but does it matter? since the resync conf file couldn't read by terminal in the first place?) Thanks.
  4. Hi All, Deleted and Redo, problems solved. 😬 ------- unRaid Version: 6.6.6 HP Microserver n54l 5 HDD 4 + 1 Parity 3TB X 5 Build (No Cache) I have recently set up a Rsync server on unRaid, it worked like an 1 hour until I moved some files on the destination folder, I don't know why and how this affects the server but now terminal couldn't read rsyncd.conf, it returns cat: /etc/rsyncd.conf: No such file or directory rsyncd.conf is already placed, the client side couldn't communicate unRaid neither. The guideline I followed https://forums.unraid.net/…/24282-solved-problem-with-sync…/ Any thoughts? Thanks