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  1. ah ok  the drives were spun up  well the ones that showed...  since  screen captures were taken less then 10 seconds apart.. 

    so if they are updated slowly..  so main page reads temperatures at a different rate as dashboard.

    are they then   saving 2 seperate  files  for the temperatures  instead. of 1 text file  that both  dashboard and main page read from  so that dash board  and main page are exactly the same  not  completely different in less then 10 seconds?


    i just checked now drives are reporting same temps  except unassigned drives 1 reports the temp other doesnt.. this time i took pic of both same time no 10 second difference.

    i guess the dashboard page cant read unassigned drive temp  but main page can

    well if not a bug maybe suggestion  that

    main page and dashboard read the exact same file for temperatures  not different temperature files that its reading from

    but then again  i rebooted unraid since last time i took the pics and posted the orginal question.. so who knows