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  1. Thanks for the reply, it makes sense and I will move SSD it can be taken offline without effecting the other NAS. Will confirm how it all goes.
  2. After years of supporting a major NAS brand and having 5 fail just in the last 5 months its time for a change. If one cannot rely on hardware there is no point in buying manufactured and can just build a good quality system oneself. Thanks to Linus Tech Tips I think I have seen the light with unRAID. My first project is to move 5 Bay NAS currently with all my company / personal data on it. (Plex, Download Manager, DLNA Server and File Server) 1 X 128GB SSD 4 X 6TB Ironwolfs Actual data used is around 3.5tb and the rest surveillance data that can be wiped. I would like to know if this plan will work. Build unRAID Server using a couple of 4TB Drives I have Move my data from existing NAS Then add the 4 X 6TB and SSD cache Drives to unRAID Finally, remove the 4TB drives from the unRAID system? There might be a simpler way, but any suggestions welcome. EDIT: Fix spelling