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  1. I tried that when I go to uninstall any plugin I get a blank window (see screen shot)
  2. I just added that. Says no such file or directory. Also can you please answer the below questions. Thank you so much! How would I start over? Still cant stop the array......Also, will I lose my data on those old drives?
  3. Ok here is the file, thank you. wopr-diagnostics-20181008-1431.zip
  4. Preface, I am new to Unraid. I built an array a few days ago with some old drives laying around while I was waiting for my Iron wolfs. I installed some dockers and plugins, set up a few shares, and transferred some data to them. I then created a new config and added only the new drives, pulled out the old ones. The process said it was rebuilding the parity, so I thought this would also transfer all the shares to the new drives. Then I replaced the cache drive with an nvme. Now I have nothing working right. 1. My docker says "failed to load" 2. The user shares area is blank 3. I cant stop the array it says "Retry unmounting user share(s)..." (Can't even set autostart to no!) I am really stuck. At this point, I want to start all over! I still have data on the old drives. How would I even start over? I cant stop the array......Also, would I lose my data on those old drives? Please help!
  5. nuhll: I smell what your selling lol. I might just give this a try. If you're getting those speeds I am sold. Now, are you reading 4K video files from the NAS in a video editor? That's exactly what we need to do. Would your CPU and RAM handle that bandwidth? Love to know!
  6. Please explain your setup and how you're getting these speeds! This is what I need, that's blazing. I would be connecting to a Hackintosh and a pc workstation. Thanks!
  7. So then is the workstation OS side more important than the speed of the storage array? Also how big of a cache drive and ram is adequate for a system like I need?
  8. I need to have consistent throughput and a fast server. I have seen videos such as this one showing these speeds I am looking for, and almost with the same setup. Can someone please explain...watch this:
  9. bman can you explain that a little further? I should use Linux? What NAS on Linux? How would I still use unraid? So I will never get pure 10gb saturation as I would running something like freenas in raid 6? Still a bit confused, thanks!
  10. Ok last question, for my needs what would be a good processor to go with. I am looking at the Xeon E3 and E5, but I rather not spend a bunch of money if I don`t need that much processing power and its overkill. What cpu what work well and handle the bandwidth of 4k editing? Also how much ram would I need? I would be using ECC also.
  11. Thats pretty slow for 10gb, also if I added 2 m.2 drives for caching would that speed up faster? I saw a Linus video and he was able to get speeds in the 450mbs range. 100mbs sec speeds: Is this just because unraid is slower, or would this be any NAS software solution? Thanks
  12. Roughly what kind of speeds would I be getting with 7200rpm hard drives in raid 6 configuration? At least 110 mbs ballpark with a 10gb ethernet?
  13. I have been doing research on solutions for my small video production facility. I am looking to have a NAS that 2 editors can access data from at the same time. I plan on building a server with an e5 xeon and ECC ram, also a dual 10gb ethernet card 16GB of ram, and 8x 4TB enterprise 7200rpm drives. I plan on having both computers attached through SAF+ cables to both editing stations, one being a hackintosh and other a pc. Is unraid a safe, fast, viable option? I was also looking at freeNAS, but I like the simplicity of unraid. I heard it was not fast though...has that changed? I want to be able to saturate the 10gb speeds on each system. Any thoughts? Is all this possible with the newer versions of unraid?