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  1. What about his LAN address? Shouldn't it be Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  2. hmmm....I do only have the ca.rsa.2048 file in my conf dir thanks for the help. So you know I did search around a bit on forum first b4 writing the post Thanks
  3. okay @Dyon now what did I do wrong?? dos2unix: converting file /config/openvpn/CAToronto.ovpn to Unix format... 2020-11-08 16:22:46.588105 [INFO] VPN remote line defined as 'ca-toronto.privateinternetaccess.com 1198' 2020-11-08 16:22:46.605509 [INFO] VPN_REMOTE defined as 'ca-toronto.privateinternetaccess.com' 2020-11-08 16:22:46.622703 [INFO] VPN_PORT defined as '1198' 2020-11-08 16:22:46.640564 [INFO] VPN_PROTOCOL defined as 'udp' 2020-11-08 16:22:46.658958 [INFO] VPN_DEVICE_TYPE defined as 'tun0' 2020-11-08 16:22:46.675810 [INFO] LAN_NETWORK defined as '' 2020-11-08 16:22:46.692700 [INFO] NAME_SERVERS defined as ',' 2020-11-08 16:22:46.709863 [INFO] VPN_OPTIONS not defined (via -e VPN_OPTIONS) 2020-11-08 16:22:46.726904 [INFO] Adding to resolv.conf 2020-11-08 16:22:46.744001 [INFO] Adding to resolv.conf 2020-11-08 16:22:46.760464 [INFO] Starting OpenVPN... Sun Nov 8 16:22:46 2020 WARNING: file 'credentials.conf' is group or others accessible Sun Nov 8 16:22:46 2020 OpenVPN 2.4.7 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [LZ4] [EPOLL] [PKCS11] [MH/PKTINFO] [AEAD] built on Feb 20 2019 Sun Nov 8 16:22:46 2020 library versions: OpenSSL 1.1.1d 10 Sep 2019, LZO 2.10 Sun Nov 8 16:22:46 2020 TCP/UDP: Preserving recently used remote address: [AF_INET] Sun Nov 8 16:22:46 2020 UDP link local: (not bound) Sun Nov 8 16:22:46 2020 UDP link remote: [AF_INET] Sun Nov 8 16:23:46 2020 TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity) Sun Nov 8 16:23:46 2020 TLS Error: TLS handshake failed Sun Nov 8 16:23:46 2020 SIGUSR1[soft,tls-error] received, process restarting Also I'm Really sorry do you need any other files or anything Thanks for helpin out a noob
  4. So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I put the .opvn file into the appdata/qbittorrentvpn/openvpn 2020-11-08 14:10:37.672413 [INFO] VPN_ENABLED defined as 'yes' 2020-11-08 14:10:37.689450 [INFO] DISABLE_IPV6 is set to '1' 2020-11-08 14:10:37.706144 [INFO] Disabling IPv6 in sysctl 2020-11-08 14:10:37.724089 [INFO] VPN_TYPE defined as 'openvpn' 2020-11-08 14:10:37.746099 [INFO] OpenVPN config file is found at /config/openvpn/CA Toronto.ovpn cat: /config/openvpn/CA: No such file or directory cat: Toronto.ovpn: No such file or directory
  5. Any value minded suggestions? Something like a single large external drive and a pi? I've wanted to tinker with rsync. I want to set up the pi at an offsite location like my friends house (I don't make enough$ to afford cloud backups on that scale). Also wanted to learn about setting up a "recycling bin" of sorts for that occasional accidental deletion. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. So suppose I do that is there any kind of redundancy ?
  7. So i currently have 3 storage drives in my machine. One 4TB for the parity, another 4TB as main storage drive and a 2TB for "overflow". I've been considering upgrading to 8TB drives as they are the cheapest $/GB option. Now I thought i heard something to the extent that if you use for instance 2 or more matching data drives you can set them up in a sort of "RAID 0" Type of configuration to increase speed/throughput. I wonder if anybody has heard of this. Possible planed config Parity 8TB WD RED Data drives 2X 8TB drives 2X 4TB Drives 2X 2TB Drive So the point here is can I "link" a share across 2 drives for increased speeds?
  8. So I've been wanting to purchase a server chassis that has 8+ 3.5" drive capacity on the front. Right now I'm running in a fractal design R5 which is nice but i was thinking I'd like to upgrade maybe on a budget...I want to be able to use like an 8i or 16i HBA card Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  9. Stupid question but why do people comment "bump" on these posts sometimes Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. Hey guys im looking for some suggestions, I'd like to get something with a good number of drive bays that is rack mountable I've currently got 3 HDD's 2 4TB WD Red drives an old 2TB and a 1TB WD Blue M.2 SSD. I am wanting something that has like a SAS/SATA backplane and has room for maybe like 8-16 3.5" drives. Also I am currently running a 7600K and am feeling the need for some more cores at a good price and was thinking about 1950x any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  11. okay okay, i see what your saying. firstly it doesn't need to necessarily need to "cost" him any bandwidth, also I would be willing to pay him say $20 a year...I think you might be over estimating what it "costs" to run a piece of hardware... I mean honestly I know its not going to consume 100 Watts so... ya its more like 5-10 Watts for like 2 hours at most per day assuming only incremental backups
  12. So I was thinking/wondering if it might be possible to initially fill like a 10 TB external drive (currently I have about 3TB) locally then take said external drive and like connect it to a windows desktop at a friends house or maybe like to the USB port on his router, would I be able to make incremental backups to the drive? I just want to have like a offsite backup in case of fire or flood at my home. Am I crazy for wanting to do this? I just feel like this would be the cheapest option compared to paying for TB's of cloud storage...
  13. Hi guys so I have been looking around for a solution to my current network setup, my current router (Netgear R6700 v2) doesn't really have any parental controls available from what I can tell. I am not really looking to block like porn sites or anything like that, more so I am trying to make it so my son can't get internet access past 21 or 2200 or so. I was hoping that I might find a docker container or something that I could run on my network. I recently was researching the fing box device which you basically just plug into your home network, it then scans the network for all devices, then you can choose devices in which to "pause" their internet access or set time specific rules. From my understanding based on this video it will send a whole bunch of like DHCP like instructions to the devices telling it basicly a fictitious gateway address. If you guys could posibly help me out with this that would be awesome. Thanks
  14. so then when I try to connect to it on the remote machine i enter no username at all and then 10 as the password?
  15. Hi guys I've had some difficulty trying to get remote access. I'd like to utilize the windows client machine I have as my daily driver and the deluge application to manage the docker container instead of the webUI. I put in the IP address of my unraid machine and the port number to connect to along with various combinations of username and password and I can't seem to get it to work...is there something I'm missing here?