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  1. Hello, I really like the new UI in the newer versions. However one thing is very annoying. Please check the attached screenshot and you can see this element does not follow flat practices like the rest of the UI does. It looks old and annoying. I suggest removing the gradients and shadows. Best, Darko
  2. I noticed that i can't edit VM that is stopped. I wanted to add more ram. Can you please check? On my end the button is grayed until next refresh after i click.
  3. Upgraded from 6.5.3 all smooth! Cheers
  4. I have one drive with the data which sits powered off outside the server but i will only use it when everything goes wrong...
  5. Thank you so much, mover is working fine, everything else is fine now! The setting was set to "Prefer". I was a bit worried about the precious data moved to the cache drive as i see the cache drive unreliable since i don't have another parity. And plus in the moment it was around 60 C hot with my data ( that i never want to lose. ) on it. To anyone that encounter such problems and only expected the cache drive to be used tempoary use "Yes" option, not "Prefer" ,it was a bit confusing for me in the help section. But now i know what "Prefer" really means.
  6. Hello, I am confused. I copied around 30 gb of data from my computer to a share using Windows shares(SMB) to one of the shares and invoked mover manually to move the data to the array. I use cache drive on the specific share and i see now mover finished and the cache drive is almost full but previously it was only 60GB used out of 250GB but now it has 190GB used. Wasn't it supposed to move the data to the array? How can i move the files back now and how can i know what files additionally have been moved from the array. Around 100GB were moved to the cache drive... Can you please kindly help to see what's going on? Edit: After some inspecting, the whole share is moved to the cache drive but i was expecting only the 30GB data that were cached to be moved to the array, now it is the opposite...
  7. Check your PSU. Might be kaput. Usually faulty PSUs will have those sympthoms when the CPU is under load.
  8. Hello, I installed unraid on my server, currently i have 2 x 4TB WD Reds, one for parity and the other for data. Before installing the drives/unRAID i moved all the data to temporary hard drive from the WD Red i used before. Now i want to copy back the data to the unRAIDr array. I attached the temporary hard drive as UD and need a way to copy the data back. I am pretty much advanced unix user, so i always prefer command line over gui. I wonder if it is possible to rsync/cp the files via ssh from the UD disk to /mnt/disk1 ( the data disk ) if i prefer to use User Shares?
  9. Thank you for the very detailed answer! I will definitely buy the license
  10. I have WD RED 4 TB drive (WD40EFRX), Intel i5-7500, 32 GB Ram DDR4 non-ECC and 250GB Samsung EVO SSD and ran proxmox. All was fine until i started worrying about the data, because the data i have in the Red is priceless to me and apart from that i need to be careful with my actions, i also want another layer of security which unraid offers ( parity ) in case drive fails and can expand easily. I will also have regular backups with rsync to other drive only for the very important data. Overall, I liked the docker containers over LXC ( i didn't liked the header image of unRAID looked unprofessional and was a bit weird but get used to it and planned everything) much easier to build my own containers for the things i run. I will buy another 4TB RED for parity too. So for now i have 4 questions. 1.) WD Red currently has 200GB of data and i will buy another one for parity. What about the 200 GB of data? Is there a way to keep them / merge into the array while i install/configure unRAID or any other way? 2.) I read about SSD cache which i want to have too. But i also want to run the Plex docker container and any other dockers and vms on SSD. Should i get another SSD or one is enough? Is it easy to use one SSD as cache and have dockers and vms too? 3.) I believe that 4 TB is enough for me, but in any case i want 8 TB or 12 TB what will be my way to go? I buy another 4 TB drive for 8 TB or 2 x 4 TB for 12 TB? Will that work? 4.) I need separate local IPs for both vms and dockers. Is it easy to make use of my routers DHCP? Thank you.