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  1. OK, I *think* it works now. Can anyone take a look and see if I am missing anything? Anything I should add to make it safer? Thanks server { listen 443 ssl; listen [::]:443 ssl; server_name bi.*; include /config/nginx/ssl.conf; client_max_body_size 0; location / { include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; include /config/nginx/resolver.conf; set $upstream_app; set $upstream_port 7968; set $upstream_proto http; proxy_pass $upstream_proto://$upstream_app:$upstr
  2. Hello, Sorry I am total noob, I have been using Nginx Proxy Manger for a long time and all of sudden it won't renew my certificates for some reason. So I installed Swag. I think I got the certificate and the ports set up properly because when I go to my subdomain it does open page saying "Welcome to your SWAG instance" However I can't figure out how to make it forward to my Blue Iris IP running on a Unraid VM as it used to with Nginx. I understand I need to create xxx.subdomain.conf file but I don't know how to make it work. I found a .conf file
  3. Hello I just upgraded from 6.8 to 6.9 last night. Since the upgrade I noticed that my drives won't spin down anymore. I saw something about it as being fixed in 6.9.1 but that is the version I upgraded to. I have telegraf installed to monitor the server in Grafana. I noticed that all the drives are constantly reading at the low rate. The rate is slightly changing but it's always the same for all drives: Any idea what's causing it or how to troubleshoot? Thanks
  4. Hello, Few days ago my Telegraf docked stopped working. I get the following error: [telegraf] Error running agent: could not initialize input smartctl not found: verify that smartctl is installed and it is in your PATH (or specified in config): provided path does not exist: [] I just upgraded to Unraid 6.9.1 but the error remains. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Oh, this was easier than I thought Thank you Skylord123 and UNOPARATOR!
  6. Hello I would like to use Watch Node / File In Node in Node Red to read files, but I am not sure how I can access my Unraid shared folders? I tried "\\\ShareName" but Node Red doesn't see it / can't access. Do I need to somehow map those share folders in the Node Red docker configuration? Thanks!
  7. I have created a new folder on my cache drive and move the IMG file there and it's working now....No idea what was off with /domains
  8. Just to add - I tried to create a brand new VM and got the same error when trying to save.
  9. Hi All of a sudden none of my VMs will start. All my img files for different VMs are located at /mnt/cache/domains/OS Folder When trying to start any of them I get this message: I am not sure what the problem is,everything was running fine until now. I can access/mnt/cache/domains through SMB and unraid terminal just fine. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Yeah, I don't need ALL the data. I just need to figure out what's really important and what's just movies/TV shows that are easy to replace. All seasons of Knight Rider 1080p might not make the cut. Then I'll see about perhaps an online backup for some of it. I hear Backblaze is the cheapest but at $5 a month per TB it can still add up quickly And yes, it was a FULL miraculous recovery
  11. Yeah, I need to figure out a better backup solution. Online was not an option previously but with Comcast suspending data caps for next 60 days perhaps I can try that They did not specify what was wrong, they just said that something was damaged internally. They said they could probably still recover the data but it would have been $1100 instead of $60......
  12. Hi, Just wanted to post that I shipped my five drives to I had 4 failed data drives and 1 parity. They were able to fix 3 data drives and parity by replacing PCB. It cost $60 per drive plus $15 shipping. I was able to rebuild the missing drive by using parity once I installed them back in Unraid. I am now in the process of replacing all repaired drives one by one, since I don't feel comfortable keeping them. Two of them were under WD warranty and I was surprised that they shipped a brand new replacement (although with just few months' warranty
  13. I have purchased this card Inateck 2-Port Pci-E USB 3.0 Express Card and was able to pass it to VMs by using append vfio-pci.ids=1b73:1100 I can now assign the entire controller to my VMs and my XBOX controller was able to sync properly.
  14. Hello I have purchased XBOX Wireless USB adapter and was able to test it and sync it to a controller on my PC. However when I add plug it in to my Unraid server and pass it to Windows 10 VM it shows up in the Device Manager, but it won't sync to a controller, the controller just keeps flashing when I hit the sync button. Doing some reading it looks like it might help if I pass the entire USB controller instead of just the single device. I have Supermicro X10SRL-F motherboard with 4 USB ports on the back of the motherboard, and then I have 2 ports in the
  15. Thanks everyone I was able to get it to work by adding to my syslinux so I can pass USB controller and Serial Bus controller along with video card and sound.
  16. Hi. I just installed ASUS GTX 1650 Super in my Unraid server. When I assign it to a Windows 10 VM, I get the following error: Google this error it looks like there's a bunch of stuff to try, so I will do some more research although if someone has some advice they can post here I would appreciate that as well My other concern is that the video card doesn't show the name in the list, like my other one (GT 720). Instead of saying "Geforce GTX 1650" or something like that, it just says "NVIDIA Device (04:00.0)", should I be concerned about that?
  17. Hi Can someone help me understand the real wattage and electricity cost of a video card? I want to get a new GPU for my Unraid and I am deciding between GTX 1650 (draws power only from PCI-E slot) and GTX 1650 Super (requires 6-pin power connector) The server is on 24/7 but the video card will be not be used for gaming very often, so vast majority of the time it will just sit idle. One card TDP is rated 75W and the other is 100W. What I am trying to understand is if I pay 10.8c per kWh, realistically how much a year in electricity does 1650 cost
  18. Hello, I currently have a Geforce 720 TI in my Unraid and it's mainly used to output HDMI to my receiver when using OpenELEC VM. I would like to buy a better video card so I can possibly play some 1080p video games on a Windows 10 VM. I was looking at something like Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 4GB, since it's about my budget ($150), has decent performance in 1080p and is fairly low power, there's no 6pin power connector need. However I also have a Mac OS Catalina VM on my Unraid and I remember reading somewhere that it might not support 16xx Geforce video cards? I
  19. Thanks! What do you mean by "use command line to keep them sparse". Would that be a different process than using midnight commander ?
  20. Hi My array is currently off while I am waiting on repair for few of my failed hard drives and pre-clearing one replacement drive. I would like to use this time to upgrade my EVO 250GB SSD cache drive to a new Crucial 500GB SSD cache drive. I mounted the new drive under Unassigned Devices and turned Destructive mode on, but I don't see any option to format. I would like to format the new drive from NTFS to XFS. How can I do it? Also, I have removed my current cache drive (Samsung EVO 250GB) from "Cache", and it shows up in the "Unassigned Devices" list. I wa
  21. Hello I have purchased 2 Supermicro CSE-M35T1 3x5 drive cages. Do I need to plug in both Molex power connectors in each cage, or should just one work? Unfortunately I don't have enough Molex connectors on my power supply. Is it safe to use one molex and one sata power cable with sata->molex adapter (link to adapter) per cage?
  22. Thanks! I am using that right now for one drive where I keep my new downloads, I just never used it on drive that came out of the array.
  23. Hi They are a mix, WD, Seagate, HGST. I went to see a local guy who tested the drives and it looks like it mostly likely is a bad PCB board. He set me up with a repair order at which I guess is the same as donordrives. Sounds like they might be able to replace the board for under $100 per drive, I shipped them back today so we'll find out next week. If they are able to repair the drives by replacing the PCB board, I still will most likely buy new drives, preclear and add them to my unraid with new parity rebuild. Then I will add the old drive
  24. Looking at their pricing is "It varies – but in general, hard drive recovery costs $300-$1000 for more minor fixes and $1100-$1900 for more major incidents such as disk crashes or water damage." I read some posts here about using donordrives and fixing several hard drives for just few hundred dollars total. Is there any other similar affordable service any one recommend?