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  1. The cache isn't used though for that share 😅
  2. Do you mean in Windows or on Unraid? I did check the Unraid logs in the diagnostics folder I uploaded and didn't find anything out of the ordinary but it could well be that I missed something. That's really good advise, I didn't know that. Is High Water the recommended allocation method in this case? I had a minimum free space of 0KB before. Than I had the problem and searched this forum and found out this isn't a good idea so I changed it to 100GB which didn't solve my problem. Everything else was and still is like in the screenshots. It could well be that this is/was a windows problem.
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply. All the answers to your questions can be taken from the screens I attached to my first post. But here is the info you seek: Disk full? No, each disk has 5+TB free space Allocation method: Most-free Split level: Automatically split any directory as required Minimum free space: 100GB I mean it works for now, after trying to copy the files to the upper directory. I don't know if this triggered something that fixed my problem. Just wanted to know why I had it in the first place. Concerning shares: I'd like one share for media and subfolders for movies, tv shows etc.. Is there any reason this is not recommended?
  4. I have/had a strange problem. I'm migrating from another Server (another OS installed) to a totally new Server with Unraid (still trial) installed. Since today I get messages from Windows that there isn't enough space left in my Media share which isn't true at all. Folder structure: Media/movies Here comes the funny part: My share is called "Media" and in there is a folder called "movies" in the "Media" share. I tried copying some files with 254GB in size to "movies" and did get the error that there isn't enough space. Tried a reboot and it didn't work. Copying less files at a time (in total more than the 254GB) seems to work fine. Tried copying the exactly same files to "Media" worked. Afterwards tried to copy the same files again to "movies" and now it works even though it didn't work before. Yesterday there weren't any problems at all copying 500GB+ at a time. I attached some screens and diagnostics (before any reboot). Anyone got an idea what is going on? Is it some config I messed up? If so why is it working after trying to copy the files to the upper directory? Any help would be much appreciated. ne0-diagnostics-20180917-1110.zip