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  1. Remote access has stopped working for me after updating to and I can't figure out how to fix it. Anyone have any idea why?
  2. After you last update everything seemed to be working fine. Today however I noticed drive was not accessible again. When checking the log I see this.
  3. I deleted the two files you suggested but still getting the same error. I'm sorry for the rookie question but what do you mean by fix any file problems on a computer?
  4. Oh yes however drive I'm using is not a USB disk. After server reboot unassigned drive seems to be mounted but still seeing the same error messages. VMs fail to start saying directory does not exist.
  5. Not sure what you mean by hot plug. But the issues seems to be random. Only thing on the nvme drive are VM domains which most of the time are off and unused. Thank you just rebooted server I will keep you poster.
  6. I just notice my Unassinged NVME drive stared unmounting itself. If I reboot my server the drive mounts. But after maybe an our or so it unmounts and gives me two warnings. Not sure what could be causing this.
  7. how does one get a copy of the etc/hosts file?
  8. I changed the IP from static to automatic and it worked. I figured that MAC address had something to do with it. I'm still new to unraid but thank you for helping me figure it out.
  9. I upgraded my mother board CPU to a i7 8700k and now I'm not able to get back into my GUI. Server boots and tells me my IP is which is what it was before but web browsers says site cannot be reached. I am able to boot into the GUI directly from the server and everything looks ok. Even comes up on my router that server is connected but still no access to the GUI or any of the dockers. I can also sometimes connect to my server by typing http://unraid/Dashboard. But clicking on a tab or link it tells me site cannot be reached.
  10. I'm new to UNRAID and Radarr so sorry if this is a dumb question. I saw a toggle under Download Clients. If it's enabled, is Radarr supposed to delete the original torrent file after it renames and moves to my media folder?
  11. I didn't have this issue when I had my PMS running on Windows. Is this because of the the Docker?
  12. Correct plex was able to play/transcode any of the files without any issues. All files are MKV, after going through more movies I've found that the ones with audio codec TRUEHD and EAC3 will give me a playback error.