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  1. I view this post, but no answered me. When create xml with new network, when create VM dont have this network in drop down, only br0 and virt0.
  2. Hi, Can you tell me how I can create virtual network for my VM. I need 10 VM, all connected to virtual network. (layer 2 conectivity). How can I to do in unraid? Please help. When I create VM i have only option br0 (phisical network) and virt0 (nat network). Thank you.
  3. Hi, After I apply xml I cant see new network in VM (When create new VM). What I must to do? Where I can edit this xml again?
  4. I installed it 21.4.2020. Is this step is ok. 1. Stop Pi-hole docker 2. Edit container 3. Start docker again how to save all settings? Is need copy data before in new location or i must config all again?
  5. Hi guys. I have unraid server with 5 disk, 3 data and 2 parity. No cache drive in server. Few days before I installed Pi-hole in docker and pi hole is installed on /mnt/cache/appdata/pihole/pihole/. When browsing shares (GUI) in appdata folder I see other docker files (Plex,chrusader, openvpn), but no pi-hole files. When browsing /mnt/cache (not showing in shares...why?) Can see only in terminal, files for pi hole is here. Can you explain me, why I dont see pi hole files in appdata shares (only in /mnt/cache) with terminal, if no cache driv
  6. Hi guys. I edited Description for one user (for FTP access), and put "" in descriptin. After that, I do not have any users under users, but access normally work. How can I fix that? Where is file state/users.ini
  7. The problem is in the as.conf view. I didn't notice right away. I resolved this problem edited as.conf. Tnx
  8. No, I updated orderly, no updated from older verison. This is my as.conf, what i need uncoment?
  9. Hi guys, I cant login to admin open vpn. Today i upgraded, everything work ok, i can connect to serve, but when I open admin UI ang login i give following error.
  10. Any update for this problem? I have database corrupt every few days. Unraid version 6.7.2 appdata is \mnt\user\appdata
  11. Tnx. This is working. I have one folder which contain 7 subfolder and all users have FTP acess. I want one user only have RW, but other only read. In this situation a must add every directory and DenyUser. My question is, is it possible add RW permission only for one user? but other have automatically denied permission if i didn't define?
  12. Tnx, but i dont undrestand. I have this situation. I want try setup FTP acess for two differenet users, one RW permission one only R on same home directory.
  13. Hi guys, I am new in Unraid. I use proftpd and works perfectly. Can you tell me how i can give only read permission for specific user? I define home directory in description of user and this user have RW permissons. How i can restart proftpd service via terminal?
  14. OK, tnx everything clear (how script know to send mail if on end have &> /dev/null || : ), but I don't understand why my scheduler not working, this cron is automaticaly created. I will wait new stable release
  15. Ok tnx. But other command don't have ||. This is difference.