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  1. Thanks for letting me know, I'll give it a go with the beta later!
  2. Unraid 6.8.3 Hello, I have been running my unraid server on a i5-9400 with a B365M Pro4 for a while now with no issues. I recently got my hands on a 10900 (non k) to play around with and thought I might try it in my unraid server, so I installed it with a H470M Pro4. Strangely it seems as though the NIC is nowhere to be found in unraid. I have double checked the BIOS and the adapter is definitely turned on. I even did a BIOS network update so I know it's working. It also appears to be the same NIC used on the B365M board I was using before, so I'm hesitant to believe that it's
  3. Hello, Yesterday the power at my house went down and unfortunately I do not have a UPS setup yet (it was on my list...but now I'm going to get one today). At the time sabnzbd was downloading a file and so the shutdown occurred during a disk write. Upon restart unraid started a parity check and has since finished finding 4773 sync errors. I have read through similar threads and it is my understanding (correct me if I am wrong) that you cannot exactly tell whether the parity itself is incorrect or the data that was being written was corrupted as a result. The parity check itself was
  4. Thanks I really appreciate it, I will definitely make a new post when there is an update. Also that sounds like good idea with the notifications..l probably set them up to go to my phone. I changed the schedule to monthly and nothing has happened yet, so fingers crossed it sticks this time.
  5. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated... it just started another parity check last night.
  6. Hello, I've recently been setting up my new unRAID server and at the moment I have the parity check scheduled for every week on Sunday at 12:30am (00:30). It does trigger correctly on sundays and start the parity check, however a couple of times it has seemingly started out of nowhere on the wrong day. Today I got on to check and noticed a parity check was running and upon further inspection it appears to have started at 12:30am this past night, a Tuesday. Thinking back I believe the rouge parity checks also started late at night and I'm thinking they most likely followed this pattern. Does an
  7. Teracopy looks like a great upgrade from the windows copy utility-- I will also check out Midnight Commander. To copy the files directly I imagine that I should just disable to cache for the share while I complete the transfer, unless there is a more elegant way? Anyways thank you for the help!
  8. Hello, I'm just getting started with unRAID so please forgive me. I recently set up my server with 3 8TB drives and a 250GB cache SSD and just started to transfer my media collection from my computer. There are a lot of big files-- 4K remuxes upwards of 90GB each. Initially I had windows telling me that there wasn't enough free space so I did a little googling and concluded that I needed to change the min space available on my cache drive to be larger than my largest file. After changing it and running the mover just to be sure, I copied over some more files without any trouble. However I just
  9. If I use both sabnzbd and deluge, is the best solution to let each connect to my VPN independently (two different connections)? In this case I would just use Privoxy on one of them and then point sonarr/radarr to that? Apologies if this has been asked before I wasn't able to find an answer