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  1. I have used the nerpack to install perl however a script that I am using requires the HTTP/ module. How can I get this into Unraid? Any recommendations?
  2. Nope nothing like that just media dockers like plex, radarr, sonarr, etc
  3. zip attached!
  4. I currently have my Dockers to update each night and for the past month or so the a few dockers will not update and sometimes after the auto update they are gone. I then reinstall the dockers but it never really completes. For example I am using Jackett, Radarr and Sonarr. They are not updating and when I run an update it will run but essentially freeze and never update and sometimes they will just be gone or they will say complete but still report an update is available. I have attached a screenshot of what I mean. What I have noticed is that the dockers having issues never really some t