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  1. I'd really like to see TACACS+ or RADIUS so it could be looped into AD for admin access.
  2. The Chrome piece I totally get. Was just curious why the branding would be so important. Probably good for Ts and Cs of use too, I guess. I don't see a lot of company branded login pages in enterprise gear. Would be fun to have though.
  3. I'm curious why this would be a requirement? I get it as a nice to have, but genuinely curious what the use case is that would require it.
  4. I'm building out a new unRAID server. I have 3x 3TB 7200RPM, 1x 1TB 7200RPM, 1x 1TB 5400RPM, and 1x 3TB 5400RPM, and 2x 250GB SSD drives (using up stuff I had lying around). From a performance standpoint, am I correct in assuming that using the 5400RPM drives for parity is going to be my best performance option overall? My primary uses, if it is helps, are Plex, SmokePing, and Speedtest Docker images, iPERF3 server, running a few tftp backup scripts a night that transfer ~60MB, and using Veeam on a Win10 VM on the cache drives to backup my ESXi environment. There will be several large (20-100GB) file copies every night for the Veeam backups. Please feel free to let me know if I've left out any needed information or if there is an existing document on this that I didn't find in searching!
  5. I'll be damned if I can find the manual for this case. I've searched their site and got nothing and there is nothing in the box. Seems well constructed, but probably going back if I can't find it.
  6. I have been setting up a new install. I was set up with 2x 1TB drives. One of them physically broke while I was squeezing a bunch of other drives into the very small case I have. I have 2x 3TB drives I am trying to add. When I try to choose one of the 3TB drives as the parity drive I am getting a message saying it is the wrong disk. If I try to select the existing 1TB it says that it is not the largest drive. I don't have another 1TB drive. It does allow me to select one of the 3TB as parity. My question is: if I choose the 3TB as my parity, am I going to lose the data that is on the 1TB parity drive?
  7. The old key also protruded from the case in such a way that I was really worried about it getting snapped off in my rack. Why I switched isn't really the relavent part. I'm just wondering if I followed the right procedure since the "Replace Key" option didn't appear as the directions said it should.
  8. I am trying to move to a new thumb drive (Faster/better quality). I copied all of the files from the old drive to my desktop, imaged the new drive using the creation tool, and copied all of the files from the old drive to it replacing the existing files. I booted up with the new drive. I was trying to do Step 4 from "Navigate to the Registration page of the "webGui from a browser (Tools -> Registration) and click Replace Key". When going to Tools>Registration, I do not see the "Replace Key" option (pictured). Everything /seems/ to be working ok, but will it continue to? Did I misunderstand a step?
  9. Thanks for confirming! I'm blown away with the performance of this VM while all of the other functions of the server are being carried out. Cleaning my fairly new Qnap off right now to sell!
  10. Hello - I have an SSD set as my cache device. I created a VM of Win10 and put the vdisk at mnt/cache. Does that mean it actually lives on that cache drive? I basically want to maximize performance of that VM and have the space on the cache drive for it to live there. TIA!
  11. Did you receive any direct feedback on this? I am having the same issue.
  12. Hello! I'm an unRaid newbie and already about to sell my Qnap! I am in love. I do have one question: I do not see the isos share. I see the flash and UNRAID shares on my network and can browse to them on Windows/Mac/Linux, but now isos. Screenshots of the shares and then the screen after clicking on the isos link are attached. Is there something I am missing? I tried searching, but I didn't know how to phrase it, so if there is an existing thread, someone can point me to, I'd be glad to read through it! Please let me know any other information you may need. Be gentle, it's my first time. TIA!
  13. bionicrocky

    10Gb NIC

    Hello - please feel free to send me to another resource if this isn't where I should ask: Is there a recommended affordable 10Gb NIC manufacturer and model people have had good luck with? I have no preference between ethernet or SFP+, either will work for my application.