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  1. When using the UNRAID WebUI on a mobile phone, all the text are really small and hard to read - basically using the normal desktop UI. If the WebUI was optimised for mobile, it will make remote monitoring a lot simpler and easier. Potentially, we could take this a step further and use a mobile phone app.
  2. It was a simple fix. Just restart your computer! Should've done that before posting smh. But if you encounter this in the future, you know what to do!
  3. I get this error box when I try to access a share even with sufficient permissions. Accessing public shares are no issue though. Any insight is appreciated
  4. Does this require a paid license to run??? One of the old posts said that there is no need for it but it's asking me to pay.
  5. I would really appreciate the ability to manage the access of shares a user has directly from the user page. e.g. no access, read, read/write.
  6. Noob question, when moving files within shares in krusader, will it be parity protected?
  7. I can't edit the config file for open vpn because of no permission. the share has full R/W permission, any ideas?
  8. Just planning for the future.
  9. Hi, on the pricing page, it says the unlimited (??) license only supports 28 data and 2 parity drives. I want to know if this info is outdated or it is true. What if I need more storage. Could you raise the limit to a greater limit or make it truly unlimited in a future update if it is true?