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  1. Ok Wish me good luck lol Thanks for the help btw hopefully it works
  2. Lmao Yes theres to cables let me unplug one
  3. Ok There you are, I started a disk preclear on the new drive incase that was the issue tower-diagnostics-20190816-1439.zip
  4. Hello, So I have a massive dilema, I did a partity swap procedure and started the copy process Once the copy process completed the array stopped and asked me to do the copy process again So I did it again and same problem. What should I do now ? Does this mean ive lose all data ?
  5. Hello anyone can help me ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hello, I am currently using an HP DL580 G7 with a HP D2600 disk shelf attached to it using an HP H221 HBA now my question is in case of a power down what do I have to battery protect as I am hesitant over connecting the disk shelf to the UPS as it has no automatic shutdown will there be any problems if I do not connect it to the UPS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Can anyone explain this please
  8. I mean unless you have used up all your TBW or need 10gbps transfers theres no need to upgrade for the second part why its filling up youi'll have to provide more info.
  9. I hope these videos can help you Space Invader One Tutorial - Guide to passthrough a single gpu Linus Tech Tips Video - Unraid PC build with single gpu and guide
  10. From what I know you cannot take advantage of the 2.5Gb speed without a switch that is compatable with that standard and I would suggest this inexpensive switch which is usually sold on ebay for 100-150 Pounds Ebay Link and it fetures 8 2.5G ports and 2 10G sfp+ ports which you can connect to your nas using a cheap sfp+ nic, however if this is not an option for you you could try connecting both the lan from your pc to your switch and both lan from the server to the switch and setup LAG to allow you to utilise a 2gbps connections.
  11. Hello, Is there any way this drive can still be revieved or do I have to purchase a new one HUS723030ALS640_YHK3K66G_35000cca01aaf90c4-20190727-0506.txt
  12. This is the Smart Report Can anyone confirm for me if the disk has indeed failed Thanks HUS723030ALS640_YHK3K66G_35000cca01aaf90c4-20190727-0506.txt
  13. Ok I'll try posting the smart error on here to double check wether the drive has failed anyways thanks for the help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hello, I have just had a SMART error on one of my 3TB unraid drives, I suppose it has failed, So I am now looking into a new drive however the problem is is that I want the new drive to be larger 6-10TB however my parity is still 3TB I understand I will need to buy 2 New drives however how will I go about upgrading my array. Or as I do not want to spend too much atm is there a way to upgrade just my parity disk to lets say a 6TB and then use the old parity disk to replace the failed array drive.
  15. Hello, Can anyone help me I have just followed SpaceInvaderOne's Great openvpn video however I would like to find out how would I make my vpn obfuscated so I could use it in contries and networks which block vpns.