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  1. Yeah I was going to get an LB4M until i found this as now I'll be able to have 2 servers a router and my pc all 10 gbps also the switch will be able to narrow the issue
  2. so you think its somthing to do with unraid do you think buying a switch such as this one would fix it https://www.eurodk.com/en/products/5-ports/mikrotik-crs305-1g-4sin making it on my actual network rather than pc-pc
  3. then its really wierd I've tested all the hardware so would it be some windows/unraid issue
  4. Well I am getting very slow speeds through my extra network card on the riser through much validation the issue is not with any of the hardware and all the NIC's and cables work fine however when I connect my Server - my PC the speeds dip whilst doing an iperf test starting at 20mbps and dipping as low as 0
  5. Hello What does the HP networking bit mean as Im having problems with an external nic atm and is there a fix ?
  6. oh sorry that was the other guy in this thread
  7. Do you know if its an hp dl360p g8 problem cus as I see you got a thread on hp proliant problems so I suppose you would know
  8. I have Mellanox and Chelsio which both have been said to work with unraid
  9. And now its back to normal the first iperf reading 20mbps the rest 0mbps
  10. Im going to try putting the nics both in the server and doing an iperf test like that but I dont know why would my server have any issues its a proliant dl360p g8. Just did the test and for some reason im getting a bandwidth of 23.6 gbits/s so I really dont know whats the issue
  11. Do you have any idea what may be causing it these are my network settings https://gyazo.com/da97c8950c79ef3909bfe777fccf0f2c
  12. Nonono you mis understood I took all the hardware out of the server and out it into my pc and connected the cables and when I did an Iperf test it got 4gbps in my pc which it should of got as each card didnt have all the pc lanes needed which means the problem is with the server as now I put the other card back in the server and the iperf test is back to 20Mbps and ive tried multiple cards in my server could it be my network settings https://gyazo.com/da97c8950c79ef3909bfe777fccf0f2c
  13. I've Tried putting both nic's in my computer and Iperfing them in a closed loop with two diffirent cables and both were getting 4gbps as my pc doesnt have enough pcie lanes to run both at full speed meaning the nic's and the cables are fine its just somthing to do with the connection between my pc and the server
  14. They Are video files and my dashboard and windows explorer indeed both say 10000Mb/s do you think the nic could be thermal throttleing as my pc is watercooled so not much air goes past it
  15. Doing an Iperf im getting faster speeds on my 1Gbps cable than my 10gbps fibre nic's https://gyazo.com/9e914da7558f13e8d0bf70a948c646e7