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  1. Thank you. I absolutely appreciate all the help you have given.
  2. Thanks - hopefully my last question, would this do the same job? Coupled up with two of these cables? which would do 2 backplanes and thus 8 bays?
  3. Unfortunately i'm not too sure, this is relatively new to me. This is the case that i have. Which is described as: SATA/SAS drive bays (4 x Mini SAS). Unsure if this answers your question? But i do appreciate the quick response.
  4. Hello, Hope someone can help. I have a mini-sas backplane which i'm trying to find a mini-sas controller to fit to my server. Currently I have a mini-sas to SATA breakoff to a SATA expansion card. I was hoping something like this existed that allowed me to connect 2-4 backplanes to one card through mini-sas to mini-sas cables or mini-sas to sas. Unsure if this is something that exists, if it does do i need to watch for anything like forward/reverse cables? Thank you.
  5. Error is super easily to replicate if you delete the image. Then try to add multiple docker containers at the same time. Or if you add them one by one, waiting until the previous has installed.
  6. Made some changes and tried again. Everything seemed to be going fine then was hit with thousands of errors and eventually the "read only" error. zen-diagnostics-20200126-2350.zip
  7. Hello, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for some assistance. Recently the response time for my server to LAN devices for media has been getting increasingly worse. Today Plex gave an error that refused to transcode any videos. This was usually resolved by restarting the docker container, but it has gotten to the point of annoyance and i wanted to resolve the issue. I attempted to stop and delete plex to which kept throwing errors. Reading previously on the forums it looked like the docker image was corrupt. I deleted and restarted the image. Now i seem to have errors that are preventing docker containers from being installed. I'm not entirely sure, what the issue is but it's left me stumped. I had to perform a hard reset due to unraid completely locking up at one point. I've attached my log and would greatly appreciate any assistance with this issue. Also, if you have a look at my current setup and see any obvious issues, i'd appreciate your recommendations as i'm very much a novice. Thank you. zen-diagnostics-20200126-2316.zip
  8. zen-diagnostics-20190511-1904.zip
  9. So i've reduced the docker size and the array has successfully rebuilt. Now onto the docker moving from the drives to the cache?
  10. Thank you for highlighting this. Currently i'm new to unraid and i'm now in the process of rebuilding a failed drive. I had issues with my docker file saying that it was almost full, or i think it was an error log getting full. So I increased it to a rediculous amount. I'll try bringing it back to 20G instead and see how it goes after the rebuild. With regards to the docker being part on the cache part on the disk drives, could you advise how i would change this? I was under the impression that everything was on the cache.
  11. Hi there, Yes I had experienced the problem just before I requested diagnostics. I'll take a video to show what I mean in a couple hours showing the issue.
  12. I've had a look at some other posts, that experience the "There is not enough space on rootshare". However when checking the logs for drives showing 100% full or the cache enablement i still experience the issue regardless of what i change it to. I have an unassigned drive (nvmeOn1) which is a 1TB Samsung 970 Evo. I'm trying to use this drive as a network drive to write/read from, however I constantly run into the issues of not enough space, although the drive has over 900Gb left. Any help or guidance, would be hugely appreciated. zen-diagnostics-20190510-0808.zip
  13. That's a killer. Well I think my cheapest option is to get a motherboard that's compatible. Now i just need to do that hunt!
  14. I think you've got it. HyperX HX424C15FB2K2 is not compatible in 4 slots. Damn. I looked up the wrong part number originally!
  15. Should i try running an ubuntu session from a USB stick and see if it utilizes 32gb ? If it does, would that not signify that Unraid is the problem?