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  1. I followed the directions from this thread, both applying the script and installing the Auto Update plugin, and neither work for me. My issue is a little different, maybe, because i have a docker image in a slightly weird repository.......i have a client/server pair of images, and one of them is installed on dockerhub under cjmaroney01/cjmaroney01:mixmaster and the other is at cjmaroney01/mixmaster-server. The first one always says it is ready to update, even immediately after applying an update (there was no actual update, i wrote the code in these images myself and there have been no changes). I really think that Unraid has a bug in how it handles docker images around this type of repo path.....I am not super experienced with docker, and maybe this is not the right way to have deployed my image to dockerhub? It does work, i can pull it down and deploy it and it runs....but Unraid seems to be confused....
  2. Hi there! I have some docker images that i am running, and 2 of them are things i personally created. They are deployed to dockerhub, i believe (https://index.docker.io/v1/) and one of them has a path like "cjmaroney01/mixmaster-server" and that one is fine, but the other is like "cjmaroney01/cjmaroney01:mixmaster" and it ALWAYS says there is an update available, and wants me to update it, but it is my own image and i know for a fact that there has been no new version in quite some time. If i do go ahead and update it, it re-deploys the same version, and then says there is an update available.