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  1. This issue started with 6.8.0-rc1, which updated docker to v19.03.3.


    In this & newer docker releases, Docker won't accept multiple '--net' arguments/support connecting to multiple network endpoints. 'Network type: none' already adds the network argument (--net='none') to the docker run command, so when you add --network='container:vpn' or --net='container:vpn' to extra arguments, it doesn't override the 'Network type: none' already specified on the docker template, thus trying to connect to 2 network endpoints.


    A workaround to this issue, is mentioned on the linked thread above.

  2. 8 minutes ago, scubieman said:

    @Niklas how long till it says dockers and vm's are running. I waited awhile and still were offline


    For me, my containers started spinning up in the usual time it takes to do that, didn't notice any difference compared to previous version. Only the array status in the footer took awhile to update but I could access all my shares/drives. The array status on the main page was correct though.

  3. Updated fine from 6.8.0-RC3 but the array status in the footer is stuck at the following message


    But the array has already started, I can access all disks (read/write), docker containers are up & running. It's already over 20mins now and the status still hasn't changed.


    Main tab shows array has started as well.





    EDIT: The array status in the footer has changed to 'started' now, after almost an hour.



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  4. 19 hours ago, Xaero said:

    Excellent workaround!
    Do you happen to know if it persists through updates to the nordvpn container?

    Any containers relying on the VPN container will have to be removed & re-created when the container updates or when it's recreated, it's more of a docker issue than Unraid, as docker expands the value of --net=container:nordvpn to container ID even if you specify the container name, which is really annoying.


    So I've written a script that runs every 5mins using the 'user scripts' plugin, which checks if the VPN container ID has changed, if the containers are still using the current VPN container ID, adds containers using the VPN network to it's watch list and removes/recreates when required.

  5. I had the same issue, was able to get around that by creating a docker network named container:vpn_container_name

    On your terminal run the following command

    docker network create container:nordvpn

    Doing the above you don't need --net=container:nordvpn in extra parameters, just select the newly created network from the 'network type' dropdown and it will basically run the same parameter as --net=container:nordvpn



  6. 3 hours ago, killeriq said:

    When i try to change amount of RAM or CPU in VM it get stuck in this stage:


    Not sure if this was present in previous versions... :(



    Is your VM name 



    and the vDisk location folder name the same? if not, you either change that to match or switch from auto to manual, if you decide to switch to manual, you'll have to do that every time you do a change.