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  1. twin for backup? why supermicro motherboards, is it because working 24/7?
  2. oh, nice. that was one of my questions also. Now, imagine that I want to have a maximum 12 hdd + 2 cache + 2 parity, so 16 disks in one case. Do you recomend any case for this? I have seen some cases but they have 8 to 10 3'5 slots at max. Then I saw some hdd enclosures like chenbro, but still confused. Do you have some unraid machines and the hw that you used?
  3. Olá! I started just like that. Had a Qnap Nas, heard about unraid, and got an old pc to play with. It was easy to setup, and with spaceinvader's videos, I´ve installed some tools to "upgrade" my unraid. Now I have a costumer with a simple pc with unraid, and i'm looking for hardware to build a more professional unraid server. That´s my problem right now, to find the hardware that fits my needs.
  4. hum, yes it would be fun to see how many unraid addicts exist in PT. probably not much mas surely growing
  5. haha thanks for your visit I was just trying to meet another pt users so we can discuss unraid and needed hardware
  6. Hello, any Portuguese (from Portugal) Unraid users here? Olá!
  7. ok, I will answer this on myself. I plugged in the data hdd internally on pc, sata port, and the disk appears on UNRAID in Main > Unassigned devices. Using Krusader docker to copy files and is now much faster.
  8. Hello, sorry for my newbie question, i'm just starting to use unraid. I have a pc with 1x4Tb Parity HDD, 3x4Tb Disks, and 1x8Tb External disk (internal hdd in a external case). I have installed the Krusader+Unassigned and tried to copy 6Tb of data from the external drive, but its taking several days to complete. Is there any other option to copy files from a external hdd to unraid machine? Can I mount the disk internally and Unraid dont format it and let me copy things? thanks.
  9. ok, so if a user via network deletes a file/folder in Unraid machine, with the trash plugin we can restore all files/folders with no problem. thanks for your help.
  10. Hello, I'm testing unraid in one costumer and and to use on others but I have a problem. My costumers are mostly designers and need to have a NAS with file version or file history or possibility to restore deleted files. Example: they deleted a file now, and need to recover the last friday version of it, or just recover it. Does Unraid provide this kind of time machine (or something similar). thanks.