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  1. Hello, I need help figuring out a permissions problem. At some point, NZBGet started applying incorrect permissions when downloading content. I only noticed because I was trying update tag data in some audio files from my Windows PC. I double checked unmask settings under security and it set to 000. So 2 questions: 1 how to fix so future downloads have all permissions in place so that I can edit from my Windows PC. 2. How can I fix current file permissions easily without fixing each file/fold individually? Thanks for the help!
  2. Just to close the loop on this: I've put the ram speed back to defaults and my system is running perfect again. Thanks for the help! This also explains my other problem of losing my cache drive data and other errors too (different post)
  3. Thank you! I'll put the ram speed back to default and give that a try.
  4. Hello, I have parity checked monthly. I have the "write corrections to parity" box checked. The last couple months have found errors. I just completed another parity check ran manually and found another 9: 6/1 - found 44 errors. 7/1 - founds 44 errors. 7/2 (ran manually) - found 9 errors. What is going on here? Thanks in advanced! mediaserver-diagnostics-20200702-1328.zip
  5. Hello, my cache pool has crashed. 1 Drive said unmountable no file system. entire pool is now dead. Stopped the array, tried to only include good drive in cache pool under slot 1, still says unmountable no file system. All my dockers are gone. Please help with restore. Thanks! I'm running Unraid DVB version BTW. mediaserver-diagnostics-20200615-1123.zip
  6. Jason442


    So, I had updates to DNS-O-Matic setup on my Unifi Control/Router, but it has randomly stopped working a couple of weeks ago and can't figure out what the deal is. Anyway, I thought I'd try and setup on Unraid, but then realized there is no docker app. My primary use case is using OpenDNS for web content filtering, which works great as long as they have my updated IP! Any idea How I would setup IP updates for DNS-O-Matic on Unraid? Thanks! Jason
  7. Nevermind, my error. I have a TV tuner card in my server and forgot that I needed to install the TV DVB version!
  8. upgraded OS to 6.71, now Plex container won't start. Here is the log: Please help. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I'm using the NGNIX & mariadb dockers to run a webserver on Unraid 6.6.7. I'm wanting to use wordpress and/or Mediawiki just for home/personal stuff - recipes and misc notes/documentation. I've have both running, no problem. For MediaWiki, there are other libraries or programs that need to be installed that are dependencies of the a certain skin or extension. For example, I want to install the Cameleon skin, but it requires Composer, for PHP: https://github.com/cmln/chameleon/blob/master/docs/installation.md I also wanted to install the VisualEdit
  10. ironic, because your hard drives are so outdated!
  11. I guess I'm not too hopeful on this. There are a few previous posts on installing phpmyadmin with either no responses or no resolution: Do i need to setup a VM just for a small wordpress site?
  12. Hello, I recently built my unraid server, so pretty new. Here is the link to my first post: I pretty much have everything up and running as I want, except that I want to setup a local wordpress site for cooking and recipes. I installed Apache-PHP, and MariaDB, and to my surprise, phpmyadmin is not included in either, nor is there a convenient docker under community apps. It looks like their is a docker that would have to be installed via the more manual method, but that's where I get lost. Does anyone know of a guide or tutorial on how to get phpmyadmin setup on unrai
  13. New guy here... My old I5-2500 Sandy Bridge windows 10 "server" was struggling to handle the workload of running Plex server, Blue Iris(6 IPCams), Sonarr, CouchPotato, Unifi Controller, Logitech Media Server and WAMP. Weekends could get crazy at times when one of my boys' tablets would be buffering non stop trying to watch 'Captain Underpants'. Once 'Polar Express' stopped working on my Boys' tablets, things got real..... fast! My wondering eyes finally paid off when I stumbled on a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU for $129 on Amazon about a month ago. Getting the CPU led me to researc