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  1. Thanks buddy. Updated the post with your link. Hope your Hackintosh works okay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Welcome to the Horde! Now show your dedication by branding yourself. Either get an Unraid tattoo or pickup some Unraid merch. https://www.zazzle.co.uk/store/unraid P.S Unraid are donating the proceeds to save the ocean
  3. Have you checked out this link: https://helpforum.sky.com/t5/How-to/How-to-set-up-port-forwarding/ba-p/2662260 Which part of the port forwarding are you struggling with? ie. Finding the menu item? Understanding which ports to put where? Have you got a screenshot of the screen you're stuck on?
  4. Problem was with the dummy HDMI Dongle that was connected to the VM. I connected the VM directly to a monitor. Booted it and it worked fine. Replugged the Dummy HDMI dongle into the VM. All was fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Thanks guys! Found the culprit thanks to @Squid suggestion to turn on mover logs. Created a VDISK of 500GB for one of my VMs to use. It's sitting on the domains share which is set to Prefer. So every night it was trying to move this large vdisk to a 240GB Cache and failing. Think I'm going to have to move its location off domains.
  6. So it looks like it's the Mover as it's shceduled for that time: But why is it filling up the drive ?
  7. I've got a weird that happens every night. Cache seems to get close to the edge and then back to normal in a matter of a few mins. Normally she looks like this: To what stupidity am I subjecting myself? limnas-diagnostics-20190326-1900.zip
  8. Pretty much what everyone said above. But you can periodically update all of your Docker containers through unRAID's GUI. Go to the Docker tab Click on Check For Updates Any containers that have updates available will show Update Ready under Version Click on Update All
  9. Had to grab myself the water bottle on March 20th. Was sad the larger one was out of stock Never the less can't wait for it to arrive!
  10. Just add a sheduled task, insert "system" in the "run as" field and point the task to a batch file with the simple command net use z: /delete and net use z: \\servername\sharedfolder /user:username password Then select "run at system startup" (or similar, I do not have an English version) and you are done. Taken from stackoverflow http:// https://stackoverflow.com/questions/182750/map-a-network-drive-to-be-used-by-a-service#comment25569654_4763324 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. You are a security nightmare Ofcourse you can set a username and password for the UI. It's the root user. Go to Users > Root Set the password for that account. Next time you login:
  12. I think you're on to something with regards to the drivers. They may not be optimized just yet. might be worth raising with @linuxserver.io possibly?
  13. Wish I could help test this but haven't got any kidneys left to sell for a 2080! have you tried running: top in the terminal to see running processes with the 1070 vs the 2080? wondering if there's extra resources being taken up by qemu or the like with the RTX popped in.
  14. Seems the context is here: Why did you have to do all the above steps to make it work?