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  1. Hey Unraid Community! For the first time ever, we're running a Cyber Monday Sale: 20% off Unraid Pro and Pro Upgrades! If you're planning a new build soon or want to purchase a key for a friend or family member, do it this Monday, 11/29/21- 24 hours only from 12:01-11:59 PST! No server installation required for purchase. For full details, head over to unraid.net/cybermonday
  2. I will check in- I believe there are plans to make an FAQ style entry in the wiki to answer many of these questions.
  3. As @JorgeB mentioned, your key file is not valid. Where did you get it from? Did you purchase via a third party?
  4. First, ensure you have a recent backup of your USB (Main->Flash-> Flash Backup) Another option to try is: -Have your keyfile (.key file) handy on a different computer. -Shutdown server, remove flash and install USB into the other computer. -Open the USB folder and drag and drop the .key file into the /config folder. -Then, safely eject/remove the flash and reinstall in your server and reboot. If the issue still persists, your flash drive may be corrupted and you may need to transfer your license to a new USB. We can assist with this by contacting us at unraid.net/contact If you start a new Unraid trial on a new flash device, please send in your new USB GUID and we can transfer the license for you.
  5. I re-sent the keyfile. If you copy paste this into Tools-> Registration -> Install Key, does the issue persist? 安装密钥 要安装注册密钥,请将密钥文件 URL 粘贴在下面的框中,然后单击安装密钥. 密钥文件 URL:
  6. Corrupted/missing keyfile. I have re-sent the keyfile to your email. Please try reinstalling
  7. What error are you seeing? Community Dev-> Can Create Polls? Enabled: Yes
  8. In episode 12, @jonp covers the recent announcement by Facebook regarding "The Metaverse." Is this really a good idea and is Facebook the right organization to launch it? Could this be the beginning of an Orwellian future? In addition, Jon also provides a public service announcement regarding Linux driver support of hardware and how some users with specific gear may need to hold back on updating Unraid to the latest release.
  9. Thanks for feedback. I encourage you to take a look at the Purchases section on our policies page and the My Servers wiki linked below. There are a few inaccuracies in your comment. If you have other questions, my DMs are open. https://unraid.net/policies https://wiki.unraid.net/My_Servers#Privacy
  10. If you would like to help contribute to finishing the translations or have suggested edits, please see: https://github.com/unraid/lang-ko_KO
  11. Going to send you a DM @Windlasher to try and sort this...