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  1. Hmm, I don’t see any new French PR’s... are you sure they were pushed to the master repo? I will be out tomorrow but will check back in on Monday and help if needed. 👋
  2. Hello. You can submit PR’s for suggested edits and we can have the French moderators take a look. Thanks https://github.com/unraid/lang-fr_FR
  3. See the 6.9.2 release announcement for more info on what's to come.
  4. Having any trouble setting up an Unraid 6.9 Capture, Encoding, and Streaming Server? Are you a streamer who uses Unraid? Let us know all about it here!
  5. Hi there, I just replied to you via your email. Thank you, Spencer
  6. Thank you for the update. Apologies for the inconvenience. Great thing to reiterate! Purchased keys do not need to phone home. Thanks @itimpi
  7. Thank you for the heads up. We are looking into the cause of the outage but the server should be back up and functioning now.
  8. It should be back up now. Please let us know if otherwise. cc: @Squid
  9. Thanks a lot for doing this. When you think it is ready, if you would like to add it to Community Apps for other users to use, let me know and I can help with this process. Cheers
  10. LMK @JorgeB. We might have squashed this bug. 🤞
  11. April fools or for reals?
  12. Big News from NVIDIA Just a few hours ago, NVIDIA added an article to its support knowledge base regarding GPU passthrough support for Windows VMs. While we've supported this functionality for some time, it was done without official support from the vendor themselves. This move by NVIDIA to announce official support for this feature is a huge step in the right direction for all of our VM pass through users. This should also help instill confidence in users that wish to pass through these GPUs to virtual machines without the worry that a future driver update would break this functiona