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  1. I'm using Brave with dark mode turned on. The previous Unraid version had no issue with dark mode though. Firefox in dark mode is working fine. Thanks for letting me know the issue is not in all browsers.
  2. Can anyone access the web terminal? All I see is black text on black background.
  3. Found this Github repo for monitoring Docker host: https://github.com/stefanprodan/dockprom Anyone tried it? Looks like all it needs is Docker Compose. Maybe I should use their Compose file as a guide to install each container separately via Community Apps? Thoughts?
  4. I'm currently using this container to backup my Time Machine backups to the cloud. I have not added any file exclusions. But it looks like its currently ignoring the following files when backing up: info.bckup info.plist token Is there a way to get these files backed up as well?
  5. Djoss, looks like there's a new update for Cloudberry v2.7.0.28 https://forum.cloudberrylab.com/discussion/661/whats-new-backup-for-linux-v-2-7-0-28