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  1. I have been having some file permission issues in a number of places and I think I've tracked the issue down to my shares being created with ACL rules enabled. This occurs in a number of scenarios but the most problematic are when I have a docker container pointed at share A (without ACL) any files it creates I am able to access via SMB. If I point that same docker container to share B (with ACL) all of a sudden I can't access the files. If I enable caching on a share (wihout ACL) then transfer a file over to it the share becomes inaccessible. However once I run the mover I can access the
  2. Sorry hopefully this is more useful. While doing this though I noticed the issue doesn't occur on new shares or shares I've created recently. So if there's no underlying issue it may just be a case of creating new shares to replace the old ones.
  3. I am relatively new to both Linux and Unraid and have come unstuck and don't know where to go with diagnosing this issue and I'm not having much luck googling the issue. So I have a share called 'Documents' with 'Use cache disk' enabled and I am exporting it with smb private share giving my user read/write permissions. I can access the share from Windows just fine until I create or copy a file to the share. Then I lose access to the share and Windows displays a network error saying I don't have permission to access the share. If I head to the Unraid web ui and run the mover I can then acc