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  1. 2 times in the last 3 weeks my ssd drive has became unresponsive. I believe this is happening during/after weekly backups. The only way to recover the drive was a power cycle of the server. Anyone seens this issue before? Software issue or SSD issue??
  2. What would be the best backup solution to backup Dockers, VMs and Shares to a USB disk?
  3. Im moving from Proxmox to Unraid. Ive read that network performance is better when the NICs are passed directly though to the VM (pfsense). However, it appears that my motherboard does not support IOMMU. So, how much of performance hit will I take my using virtual network devices? thx
  4. Im in the process of planning a move from Proxmox to Unraid. Is it possible to backup my Proxmox VMs and then restore on Unraid or Im I better off just rebuilding??? Anyone done this?? thx