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  1. Awesome, should be straightforward then. Thank you all for quick and helpful responses!
  2. I plan on moving my current storage server off of Supermicro X9SRI-F-O mobo with a Xeon E5-2628L v2 CPU to a server with a Ryzen 2700x I had laying around. I'll move all the hard drives and replace the current cache SSD with an NVMe drive. Do I just move the USB drive with current unRaid configuration to the new server or do I need to do anything before? Do I need to purchase a new licence? Thanks for your help!
  3. I've only started using unraid last fall but thanks to you guys I now have a very popular (among my family) Plex server, as well as a great backup solution. Thanks and godspeed!
  4. I upgraded successfully from 6.6.6 but my Plex container (I use the one from Plex inc.) won't start anymore. Here is what it says in the log: cont-finish.d] executing container finish scripts... [cont-finish.d] done. [s6-finish] syncing disks. [s6-finish] sending all processes the TERM signal. Critical: libusb_init failed [s6-finish] sending all processes the KILL signal and exiting. All other containers have started fine.
  5. Really well written and helpful thanks! Could you add a restore procedure as well?
  6. Is this container still maintained? I'm unable to connect to my server from my phone with zerotier running... Attaching my setup.
  7. Good to know about dd. The two drives I used were identical so no issues so far. The licensing thing was kind of expected so I didn't think that was an issue. I was always going to pay, but yeah this procedure essentially brings your free trial days to zero. Thanks again for the help! I am loving unRaid community. So far it's so much friendlier and newbie-tolerant than FreeNAS one 🙂
  8. This does sound kinda cool. This way people can pick and choose what they actually want to use and what they don't, thus controlling how much memory is consumed by OS. Additionally it would allow Lime Technology more flexibility with regards to licensing, like offering basic version of unRaid without support for plugins, VMs, or Docker for free. Just a thought.
  9. So my plan to move unRaid installation to a different USB drive without having to take it out of the case totally worked! A little too well actually. Not sure if I really had learned as much from this experience as I thought I'd have to to make it happen 🙂 At any rate, here is the procedure for posterity sake: 1) Make sure both USB drives (the empty one and the current unRaid one) are plugged into the server. 2) Lookup the drive names for both USB drives so you know which one is a source (current unRaid USB drive) and which one is a destination (new unRaid USB dr
  10. Thanks @jonathanm and @itimpi. It's a net new NAS setup for me so there is no data on the disks at all. If things break or whatever, it's fine I can just "rebuild" everything. I could take the server apart and just plug the current unRaid stick into the internal slot and just continue using it, I just kind of don't want to and would rather try "fixing" my issue via terminal - should be a good learning experience right? I'll report back on goings on.
  11. Thanks for your help @jonathanm! Can I buy a license and then backup and restore the USB drive from the "old" one, onto the new internal one while somehow transferring the license? All using the unRaid terminal.. Would the procedure be: 1) backup the current usb stick via unRaid GUI (create a zip) 2) format the internal stick as FAT32 with label UNRAID 3) extract the files from the backup zip onto the internal stick 4) execute make_bootable_linux (is it supported?) 5) authorize the new stick with a valid (i.e. bought) license? 6) profit...
  12. I had just built my server based on Supermicro X9SRI-F motherboard which has a USB port inside (i.e. on it). I was excited about it and plugged in a USB drive in there planning to run unRaid on it. What I didn't realize is that I should have prepped that drive first. At any rate, I've created an installation drive on my laptop, plugged it into the USB port on the front panel on my server chassis and installed unRaid. Unfortunately, installation didn't ask which drive I'd like to use as a boot device (unless I missed it) and assumed that it'll be the drive I am installing unRaid from. So now I