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  1. I have a use case where I need to modify limits.conf on the Unraid host in order to allow my Docker containers to have more than the default number of files open. I've seen a lot of hacky methods tried online, but the proper way is to modify this file instead and reboot the Unraid host. It would be great if Unraid team were to move the contents of the directory into flash under /boot/config somewhere and symlink it from /etc/security -> /boot/config/security to allow changes. EDIT: As an aside, being able to apply this OS-wide could also help with SMB/shfs performance.
  2. Sorry to quote the entire post and stretch the thread but I wanted to be sure this information is saved for the future. Out of all the information in this thread, this post is the one that got me up and running with my Intel PRO/1000 quad-port NIC. The main difference with this post is that the network card's ports are placed on bus 0 and separated using slots. In the IOMMU groups, the card is split into two pairs on different buses, so I did the whole multifunction='on' thing for both pairs, and set the functions to 0 and 1 for each pair. I _also_ tried this by putting all four po
  3. Let's start with my setup: Motherboard: ASUS X470-F Gaming (Socket AM4) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (does not have integrated graphics) Memory: 32GB Storage: 2 x 512GB NVME SSDs (no RAID) GPU0 (top PCIE slot): EVGA GTX 1050 GPU1 (secondary PCIE slot): EVGA GTX 1080Ti Hybrid Network: Single onboard gigabit nic Everyone's got something different, but the above it working for me just fine. Here are the hurdles I faced during this journey: * My Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 would panic and reset itself in a Windows 10 guest. - To fix this, I had t