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  1. Evening, just an update it crashed 3 times over the weekend.... It seems to crash on the weekend mostly. When it crashed today there was this error when booting up "cat: write error: broken pipe" not sure what that means.
  2. No I am not. I has been steady today.... So far.....
  3. Thanks trul the server has been running ok until tonight. I moved the USB from the back of the server to the front as a test last week when running the memory test. Then tonight the server crashed again while watching a TV show off plex. I do have another set of logs pulled. I am wondering if this is from a scheduled task or the like? Would upgrading to 6.7 help at all? LongWeekendCrashSundayNightbtunraid-diagnostics-20190217-2034.zip
  4. Alright Mem Check passed with no errors. I think my usb might be the issue. Its slightly bent.... Is the logs tell anything about usb issues?
  5. I dont know why i never thought to do a mem test I will do one now.... I did have issues with docker images filling up so I did expand it then I fixed the problem with that a while ago.
  6. Hey group! Having some issues with my Unraid server. I have had this set up for a while now and it was working perfectly up until this weekend. The server is a Dell R720 with 8 disks running Unraid 6.6.6 Over the weekend on Friday, the server was unavailable by website and ping. Opening the iDrac to the server shows that the server crashed. I do have a screen cap of that as well. Image 1. Then on Saturday the server website was down again and would not ping but I could get onto the console of the server and run commands which seemed to do nothing. I rebooted the server. Then on Sunday while watching a show on Plex the server crashed again. I again have a screenshot of that. Image 2. I also have the diagnostics reports from the crashes. Again tonight the server would not respond to ping or website. I could get on the console and issue commands. But nothing seemed to work again I reboot the server and it's running ok now. I am not sure if its the server having an issue - as in the iDrac no hardware issues are reported. Or if it's Unraid having the issue and crashing the server. I have attached the 2 screen caps as well as a diagnostic report. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks ahead of time YourTan! Monday Night - diagnostics-20190211-1934.zip