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  1. I think it is written back to the file, just the wrong parameter name? I can test this and check it. EDIT: Ok maybe not and I was wrong. Wow wonder how I never noticed this then...
  2. I literally never touched the rtorrent.rc file before. I always used the GUI to configure stuff. But yes, same thing happened to me on my dedicated server. Lot's of old parameters got depricated. Took me a while to find out which and where... (the documentation of both rtorrent and rutorrent is kinda bad)
  3. I had the same issue. download_rate = 10000 upload_rate = 5000 is deprecated now or something? I replaced them with: throttle.global_down.max_rate.set_kb = 10000 throttle.global_up.max_rate.set_kb = 1000 And now it uses those every restart. Haven't tried update yet but so far so good.
  4. @phil1c What I did to fix my UNMS a while back was to not host it using the host ip bridge, but giving it a new private IP address (its somewhere under main docker settings, that you need to enable the private ip range, then you can assign ip's on the docker interface) Then just made it so it doesn't use the 6443 ports but the actual 443 ports in the docker port mappings. Didn't have any PostgreSQL errors as far as I can tell. Will check the logs when I get home.
  5. I tried UNMS (I own an EdgeRouter) The webgui runs, everything seems fine. But when try to connect to my EdgeRouter it fails, and I think I know why. I tries to connect back to UNMS but using port 443, not 6443. You can see this by looking into the EdgeRouter System config, there you see the UNMS url is pointed at port 443. I will try to look into this more tonight, maybe by changing the UNMS port in the software to 6443 and then changing the docker mapping to 6443 -> 6443 Or maybe I am just doing something wrong
  6. Ah ok, I thought it was something like that Thanks for confirming and clarifying!
  7. I installed the plugin, everything seems to be working fine, I configured the Emby container with the GPU settings. Everything seems to be running ok, except the transcode streams don't show up in the nvidia-smi utility. I ran that from the main server console, is it supposed to be launched from somewhere else? Included are some screenshots.
  8. Yesterday I installed unRAID, and setup my 4disk + 1 cache disk array. I already started copying some data over while the parity drive was initializing, everything was going well. Was at 50% done when I went to bed, woke up and was greeted by a kernel panic/crash. I restarted the PC again, since the webui was not available anymore. Started the array, seems like no errors, but it's redoing all of the parity stuff again now. So I wanna know, what went wrong? And what can I do to prevent this in the future?
  9. Yes, I used the alternative method for preparing the USB, (also tried with other USB) and that worked!
  10. Can't write to the USB drive, says "couldn't open physical device"