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  1. It is the same as if the user views the video, it may even consume less hardware.
  2. I See this too, every day I recive much messages from "New Device" user used a new device to acces to nameserver: Chrome ( Chrome )"
  3. I modify that, and restart the docker, I check after restart t'hey are in 1, but the same problem, very slow. When I tried delete one file from queue i recived error and cant delete. Seems the problem is when I click delete in folder not in file.
  4. It works now, but download very very slow, if i download from my computer it download more fast. I think is not problem from my server, i can download more fast with docker jdownloader or others dockers =\ If i check de url from the file and download from my computer it download in 30 seconds. Downloading the same file from URL path in my computer Jdownloader (docker) downloading in the same foldier: Thanks so much!
  5. Anyone know why my calibre dont works? Thanks so much.
  6. Hello, I was trying install that docker but everytime I get this screen, I try with bridge and host mode with the same problem. What I do wrong? thanks!!
  7. Okay, I think i know what happens. Settings=> Docker => Advanced. s
  8. Hello, I have the problem, my dockers living in unraid with static IP in the LAN (they take IP from the router via network bridge) cant ping to unraid IP. I can ping from my computer and others computers, but i enter in the console from dockers and cant ping the unraid IP. I test it from diferents dockers, nginx proxy manager, and tautulli for example, cant ping to unraid IP. Because what is it? nginx proxy pi hole Thanks!
  9. I can see today works fine, probably its that about github. Thanks so much!
  10. I Activate it again, and have again the same problem, I have 6 min loading and never load =\
  11. I disabled "Check for plugin updates" and now take less 10 seconds to load the plugins tab. This is a bug?
  12. Hello, I updated from 6.8 to 6.9.1 and now the plugins tab dont load, all times loading. What can I do? Thanks.
  13. This docker is in community apps? I cant see it! Thanks @Squid for show me that!
  14. Hello, I want use this docker with a static ip in my network, using the port 80 and 443. When Im using the network br0 the ports for acces are the same 7818, 1880, 18443. How I can change it? Thanks for you help!
  15. I can't make sense of this blacklist, but ok, i bought new USB'S because usb flash creator dont detect my sandisk 3.2... and my old kingston is blacklisted... luckily I can depend on not using unraid for a couple of days, but someone with important services...
  16. Hello, My USB device is broken and i need change it. The only USB what I have now the usb creador saids me is blacklisted (its probably I used it before it with unraid) How I can use this USB? They are Kingston DataTraveler 3.0, is the same GUID all times, its a normal USB, now I have unraid with same model. I have backup but cant restore it =( I buyed a USB sandisk ultra flair but the USB flash creator dont detect that. Need send email to limatech for solved it? Thanks
  17. You can help me to send notifications to discord? i dont understund how works the notifications. Thanks for you job!
  18. Hello @kiowa2005, The screenshots doest works, i think need necesary share volume data, but is not in the template. Thanks.
  19. Anyone know if it option is in the new beta? Thanks!
  20. How can I delete a wg interfaces? there's no button in the interface. Thanks!
  21. @FoxxMD I used that but they work in HTTP no in HTTPS only works, with dont works
  22. @FoxxMD Im looking and i dont see how change the container port. Thanks.
  23. I try it, but when I use network type BR0 It doesn't work. Thanks.
  24. Yes, how i can change the web UI to 443? Thanks!