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  1. Hi, I try to update my VM but cant do it once I input changes (add virtual disk for example) I click Update and nothing happens ;/ Any suggestions?
  2. AGESA has to be added to Bios am I right? If so what will happen when OEM of the motherboard will not update their bios?
  3. As per Asrock website - Taichi/ it is AMD AGESA Combo-AM4
  4. I updated X370 taichi and changed 1500x to 3700x. Passtrough of 1060 working fine
  5. It is already set to ON Demand
  6. Thanks for info - when using provided command I can see that clocks are boosting to 4GHz however as per AMD spec it should go up to 4.4GHz Any way to fix it?
  7. hi, I have build a server with following specs: MOBO: ASROCK x370 TAICHI (BIOS 5.60 P) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core @ 3600 MHz GPU: GEFORCE GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 32GB DDR4 UNRAID: 6.7.2 CACHE: ADATA SX6000 PRO 512GB NVME | ARRAY: 1x4TB WD RED + 2x3TB WD RED | PARITY: 1x4TB WD RED and I have few problems. I created win 10 VM with GPU and CPU passthrough according to SPACEINVADERONE video on ryzen 1500x build. I used following settings during unraid boot default menu.c32 menu title Lime Technology, Inc. prompt 0 t
  8. Hi, i tried to install High Sierra VM. I've created bootable disk on a mac. I added 3 vdisks. Added config for Hig Sierra. When I boot VNC it bootloops. It shows Clover than apple logo and restarts. I'm on Ryzen 5 - 1500X - x370 Asrock Taichi with latest Bios and Unraid 6.7.0-rc6 any suggestions? <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <domain type='kvm' id='17' xmlns:qemu=''> <name>OSX HIGH SIERRA</name> <uuid>26a91b1f-6020-f109-eb17-a2c22c49b36d</uuid> <metadat
  9. Hi, i have a problem docker installs i open webUI and select a file select all details for ripping and when i want to start conversion I ged error below: