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  1. If anyone else has this issue, Tautulli was incorrectly mapped to the Plex log directory which was creating the folder on the array
  2. That is exactly what it is. My media is stored on a different computer. That is not the issue here
  3. I've ignored this for a long time but I'd like to figure out why it is happening. My appdata folder is set to cache only but I have folders created on the array. I moved everything over manually and restarted and Plex creates an empty log folder on the array. I've looked through the template and everything is set to cache. Any ideas?
  4. This error is back now. Worked fine after reinstalling but noticed today the same error is back. Any ideas?
  5. I just updated to the latest version and I am getting an error about an invalid argument passed to foreach loop
  6. I started having this issue this week. Not just rarbg. Every indexer either through sonarr or through jackett
  7. You need to passthrough the entire IOMMU group. There is no way around that. If everything in that group is for the video card then you need to add the rest of the items to your passthrough. Make sure you are passing your gpu audio in as well as your sound card. If it automatically passes the rest of the group for you thats all you need to change. If not, first ensure IOMMU is enabled in bios. That might potentially fix your groups. I don't have experience with your gpu but mine has the GPU and GPU sound in their own groups by default. If this is not the case you will need to enable acs overri
  8. Hardware MSI X470 Gaming Plus Ryzen 2700x Kraken X62 AIO with fans in push/pull 4 x 16 GB 3200Mhz Ram (Can get to boot at 2933, have backed down to 2866 currently, have also tried at 2133) 1 TB Sabrent Rocket NVMe drive (passed through to VM) 2 x 1 TB 5400 RPM HDD (One for array, one for parity) 3 x 500 GB Samsung 850 SSD (cache drive, not used for this VM) Zotac 750ti (Used as primary GPU for UnRaid) XFX Vega 64 Reference (Passed through to VM) Corsair RM850x PSU (Purchased 6 months ago, entire 850w rating is supported on the 12v rail) USB Controller (Passed through,
  9. 18a still not working for me. I will try to remote in and get diags
  10. Yes SMB is broken again in the current version. I was trying to roll back like I did the last time this happened but I'm getting an error. Not sure what's up with that but it could be me. I've been trying to get it done on a phone with spotty cellular internet instead of watching plex on the ferry. Could you link me the install path for the commit on Jan 13th. I will attach my diags tomorrow when I have local access to my server if you still need it.
  11. I'm also getting the script error, tried making a new container altogether and the same thing happens with a fresh install. There is probably a typo in one of the updates. I find this docker image has updates that break it very often. I don't use it except to access local devices remotely so it's not on that often, but when I need it tends to be broken half the time. Probably need to wait for an update or roll back to a previous version that works. EDIT: scratch that, a fresh install did work
  12. I will try out the new update right now and let you know if it works for me. EDIT: fstab error has been resolved in latest update (at least for me)