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  1. On 7/3/2020 at 3:19 PM, testdasi said:

    @limetech is there any way to repeatably trigger the unexpected GSO error for testing purposes?


    I found running <model type='virtio'/> + machine='pc-q35-5.0' also stop the errors for VM use without the performance penalty of virtio-net.

    I have been dumping a few TB of data from VM to a share in my backup job so I reckon I should receive plenty of errors by now but I haven't. Hence, wondering if there's anyway to trigger the error manually just to be sure that it's not coincidental.

    Hello, I am having a similar issue. Did you figure it out? Is that a good workaround?


    Edit: after trying your solution, it increased my transfer speed (over SMB) from my VM to a Share located in the SSD from ~100MB/s to ~250MB/s. So that is good, but the SSD should still be able to read/write at higher speeds, maybe it is limited by the SMB overhead. It is a SATA MX500 so it should go up to ~500MB/s.