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  1. Anyone know how to fix this database issue? Photoview worked when I set it up, but now won't start because of this.
  2. Hello guys, Bazarr used to work perfectly for me, but I recently noticed it was very slow at downloading subtitles. On closer inspection I see the following output in the log. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to fix or debug? I've looked through the forum and online in general, but haven't found anyone with the same issue. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Got it up and running, but I have an issue with one of the plugins. When using the plugin "Tdarr_Plugin_drdd_standardise_all_in_one" I get the following error at the end of a transcode: "File is not video Tdarr_Plugin_drdd_standardise_all_in_one - Pre-processing ☒Plugin error! TypeError: Cannot read property 'streams' of undefined" The file is a video file. I suspect plugins might have to be re-written specifically for v2.
  4. How do we upgrade to v2? I don't see server/node containers in Community Applications. Congrats and thanks for the new version!
  5. Were you able to solve this issue? The exact same thing is happening with my Windows 10 VM. On br0 the VM says it is connected to the internet, I can ping my LAN and all websites, but I cannot navigate any website in Edge nor Internet Explorer. I'm confounded.