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  1. Sorry I got called away at work and that's me just back. I completed the above steps from Johnnie and it worked a treat. Thanks for all your time and getting me back up and running. Cheers Jonathan
  2. Hey Johnnie I have done as you said and the array now reports rebuilding disk 3 contents, let's hope. Shame the shucked drive was a desktop drive and not a WD Red but desperate times. Thanks for everything will let you know how it goes. Still got the old drive on the desk if I need to do a recovery. Cheers J
  3. Thanks, once the replacement drive arrives I'll give it a go and update. Cheers, J
  4. Thanks, is it just a matter of adding the parity disks and starting the array? The array has only been started for a minute without any parity disks since the original failure.
  5. I have also order a replacement drive which will be here this evening and I will attempt ddrescue.
  6. Thanks Johnnie, I beleive I have 2 off valid parity drives but they are unmounted because of the USB failure. Is there anyway to force mount them without re-writing parity and rebuild disk 3? Thanks
  7. The flash backup was from the 27/08/2019. That was when the server went down. Yeah I have backups of all the really important stuff but I do not know what specifically was on that disk. Ideally I would just like it back considering there is 2 good parity drives. Disk Drive combined with USB Failure has just kind of screwed me. File system check was run from both UI and CLI with array running in Maintenance Mode. Long story is used a SanDisk Ultra Fit USB Drive (which after the fact seems to be a bad choice), combined with some home renovations that are ongoing the sparky has been flipping the power on and off so the server has been hard shutdown multiple times to which it powers itself on after a power failure. I have since invested in a UPS for the server which is now installed and up and running. I could pull the drive and run it through some recovery software if that would make things simpler and someone can recommend a good software suite for XFS recovery.
  8. Hey trurl, thanks for your reply. I created a new USB Key from the USB Media Creator and replaced the entire config folder with that off the backup. I found it strange that the drives never showed up as I had to delete the network.cfg file to allow it to boot as it was coming up with a network error in the kernel. Once deleting network.cfg it booted fine. disk3 is definitely a data drive as the 2 off parity drives in the machine are the only 2 off 10Tb Drives installed. I updated my post not sure if you saw it but UnRaid was wanting to format disk3 not the parity drives. I had just added the parity drives to the Array Devices when the message appeared. I mistakenly thought it was the parity drives causing it but updated my post when I realised I was mistaken. For clarification I have not started the array with the parity drives assigned. I believe where I am sitting just now is with 2 off good unmounted parity drives and with a failed disk3 that I cannot recover via "Check Filesystem Status" Any guidance is much appreciated, thanks again for your time. Cheers J
  9. Hey Long story short the USB failed on my UnRaid Server. I have the backup files from the the original USB. I replaced the USB and transferred my licence key today. On boot up all went well (except from the network config) however none of the of drives were assigned to disk numbers. I manually assigned all the disks (with the exception of the 2 off parity drives) and started the array. Once the array started disk 3 has the error "Unmountable: No file system" I have ran the Check Filesystem Status with the following output: Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... superblock read failed, offset 250051215360, size 131072, ag 1, rval -1 fatal error -- Input/output error I know I have 2 good parity drives but when I add them to the array UnRaid wants to format them. Correction - UnRaid Array Opertions is saying "Start will start Parity-Sync and/or Data-Rebuild" instead of asking me to format the drives. Will this allow me to rebuild Disk 3? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers J unraid-diagnostics-20190908-1639.zip WDC_WD30EFRX-68AX9N0_WD-WMC1T1097460-20190908-1840.txt